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  1. G-11 Equatorial Mount With Gemini II Go-to System, folding HD tripod

    The Losmandy G-11 with the new Gemini II computer system and a heavy-duty folding tripod is a high-precision go-to mount that can hold up to 60 pounds of payload. It may well be the only go-to German equatorial mount you'll ever need for visual observing and critical astrophotography . . .
  2. Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Equatorial Computer GoTo Mount

    HEQ5 GoTo equatorial head 30-pound payload capacity Adjustable 1.75-inch diameter rolled steel tripod SynScan GoTo telescope mount with 42,900+ object database Built-in polar scope with illuminator Two 11-pound counterweights Metal accessory tray D/V-style dovetail saddle SynScan V5 hand controller DC power cord
  3. iOptron HEM44A Hybrid Strain Wave Drive Mount with iPolar and Case

    iOptron is changing the game again. The HEM44A Strain Wave mount looks to the future for performance today.
  4. Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Pro Equatorial or Alt-Azimuth Computerized Mount S30200

    Looking for the Swiss Army Knife of mounts?  The AZ-EQ5 altazimuth/equatorial mount from Sky-Watcher should cover virtually every situation you can throw at it . . . optical tube weight dependent of course.  
  5. iOptron CEM26 "Center Balanced" go-to German equatorial mount with iPolar and 1.75" LiteRoc tripod

    iOptron's compact CEM26 mount is the next-generation center-balanced mount built on the success of the ground breaking CEM series.
  6. iOptron HAE29EC Dual Equatorial and Alt-Azimuth Strain Wave Mount Head WIth iPolar and High Precision Encoders

    These light weight, high payload little titans will deliver an astronomy experience like never before. Imagine a mount head weighing in at 8 lbs with a payload capability 29.7lbs, without needing a cumbersome counterweight or shaft.
  7. Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount

    The Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro has done what some might think difficult.  It has improved upon on the already well received EQ6 with a assortment of upgrades.  
  8. iOptron CEM26 "Center Balanced" go-to German equatorial mount with AccuAlign and 1.5" tripod

    Enjoy taking the lightweight CEM26 out under the stars.
  9. iOptron GEM28EC go-to German Equatorial Mount with iPolar, hard case, 1.5" Tripod, and Enhanced Encoders

    iOptron's compact next-generation GEM28EC mount is a tiny titan with a 28 pound payload capacity.
  10. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro Pack 2i


    Ideal for wide-field photography, or lightweight celestial viewing
    Multiple preprogramed speeds, including sidereal, solar and lunar
    Illuminated polar finderscope for easy alignment with Polaris
    DSLR camera interface with automatic shutter control
    Built in Auto-guider port (ST-4)
    V-style dovetail saddle, with ability to mount ball head for easier camera movement

Showing 21 to 30 of 80 total
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