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  1. Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Pro Equatorial or Alt-Azimuth Computerized Mount S30200

    Looking for the Swiss Army Knife of mounts?  The AZ-EQ5 altazimuth/equatorial mount from Sky-Watcher should cover virtually every situation you can throw at it . . . optical tube weight dependent of course.  
  2. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Dec Bracket S20560

    If you want to hook a counterweight, or an Optical Tube Assembly, up to your new Star Adventurer Mini, you have to buy this part.
  3. Sky-Watcher EQM-35 Equatorial GoTo Mount

    • Equatorial GoTo mount
    • Removable Dec assembly to convert to tracking mount
    • 22 pound payload capacity
    • SynScan hand controller with 42,000+ object database
    • Dual or single axis tracking
    • Single 7.5 pound counterweight
    • Built-in polar scope
    • Adjustable height, steel legged tripod
    • Compatible with Star Adventurer Dec L-bracket and ball head adapter

    Out of stock

  4. Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Equatorial Computer GoTo Mount

    • HEQ5 GoTo equatorial head
    • Adjustable 1.75" diameter rolled steel tripod
    • SynScan GoTo telescope mount wit 42,900+ object database
    • Metal accessory tray
    • V-style dovetail saddle
    • SynScan V5 hand controller
    • 30lbs payload capacity
  5. Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount

    The Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro has done what some might think difficult.  It has improved upon on the already well received EQ6 with a assortment of upgrades.  
  6. Sky-Watcher 7.5-Pound Counterweight for EQ5, EQ6, and EQ6-R

    7.5 pound counterweight with plastic hand screw Designed to help with larger loads on your Sky-Watcher mount
  7. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Pro Pack


    Ideal for wide-field photography, or lightweight celestial viewing.
    Free SAM console app for total control of the Star Adventurer Mini
    Customizable speeds, including sidereal, solar and lunar
    Polar finderscope with illuminator for easy alignment with Polaris
    DSLR camera interface with automatic shutter control
    V-style dovetail saddle, with ability to mount ball head for easier camera movement

  8. Sky-Watcher EQ8-R Pro Equatorial Mount Head and 2 22 pound Counterweights Only


    110 Pound Payload

    Belt Driven on Both Axes

    Integrated Cable Management System

  9. Sky-Watcher AllView computerized go-to altazimuth camera/scope mount

    The multipurpose Sky-Watcher AllView go-to altazimuth mount is designed for terrestrial and celestial panoramic photography and grab-and-go casual visual astronomy. 
  10. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Latitude (EQ) Base

    If you don't have a ball head mount on your current photo tripod, this "wedge" will fit the bill nicely.
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