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  1. Questar large Astro Pier for 7" fork mount

    The Questar Large Astro Pier holds the 7" Questar fork mount/drive base and a 7" Questar optical tube for equatorial operation.
  2. Questar Tri-Stand Short pier for seated viewing with 3.5" Questar

    The Questar Tri-Stand Short Pier is a very stable and rigid portable pier that holds the 3.5" Questar eyepiece at a 41" working height for comfortable seated viewing . . .
  3. Questar Powerguide III drive/drive corrector installed in 3.5" when scope ordered

    The Powerguide II DC drive/quartz-control drive corrector allows you to operate the Questar's drive motor away from all AC power sources. It also provides drive corrector functions for astrophotography.
  4. Encoders ordered with new 7" mount


    These Questar digital setting circle encoders can be factory-installed at the Questar factory when a new 7" Questar telescope fork mount is ordered . . .

  5. Questar Electric Declination for 3.5"

    The Questar #19526 motorized declination drive for fork-mounted Questar 3.5" telescopes is designed to be used in conjunction with a Questar Powerguide II drive corrector to make small corrections in declination during long-exposure guided astrophotography . . .
  6. Questar leveling feet for Tri-Stand short pier and 3.5" Astro Pier (set of 3)

    The Questar #19335 set consists of three leveling feet that thread into the legs of a 3.5" Questar Tri-Stand or Astropier to let you accommodate uneven ground surfaces . . .

  7. Powerguide III DC Drive/drive corrector installed in older 3.5" Questars

    This is a factory retrofit installation of the DC-powered Powerguide II drive/drive corrector in your existing 3.5" AC-powered Questar telescope.
  8. wraparound tube counterweight for 3.5" Questars

    This Questar #19370 counterweight for fork-mounted Questar 3.5" telescopes balances the weight of a camera body attached to the Cassegrain focus at the rear of the scope . . .
  9. Low latitude wedge for Tri-Stand short pier

    This Questar 26° low latitude wedge lets you use a Questar Tri-Stand over a 4° to 64° latitude range, rather than its normal 26° to 90° range . . .
  10. Questar fork mount for Q7 OTA, DC drive


    The Questar #20004 heavy duty equatorial fork mount will hold any 7" Questar optical tube and includes tripod legs for table-top operation. 

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