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  1. Sky Tour Encoder kit for TeleVue Panoramic, Tele-Pod, and current Gibraltar mounts

    This TeleVue kit includes the encoders, hardware, and wiring harness needed to use a TeleVue Sky Tour computer module with a TeleVue Panoramic mount, Tele-Pod mount, or current Gibraltar mount . . .
  2. Sky Tour Computer only (needs encoders)

    Add the Sky Tour computer to your TeleVue mount to help you find your way around the skies like a pro . . .
  3. Encoders ordered with new 7" mount


    These Questar digital setting circle encoders can be factory-installed at the Questar factory when a new 7" Questar telescope fork mount is ordered . . .

  4. Celestron StarSense auto alignment system for Celestron telescopes

    Tired of having to align your Celestron go-to telescope on the sky each night?  Let the Celestron StarSense auto alignment retro-fit kit take care of it for you.  Just turn it on and watch it go to work.  In three minutes you will be aligned and ready to observe . . .
  5. Celestron StarSense auto alignment system for Sky-Watcher mounts

    The Celestron/Sky-Watcher StarSense #94006 automatically aligns your computerized Sky-Watcher mount on the sky to save you set-up time.
5 Item(s)
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