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  1. Adapter to use GM8 or G11 mount on Meade field tripod or permanent pier

    This adapter lets you mount a Losmandy GM-8 or G11 equatorial head on a Meade LX200 adjustable height field tripod or a permanent pier . . .
  2. Adapter to use a Losmandy HGM Titan mount on a Meade Giant Field Tripod

    This Losmandy adapter lets you mount a Losmandy HGM Titan equatorial head on an adjustable height Meade Giant Field Tripod or a permanent pier . . .
  3. 12" Tripod extension for G-11 and GM-8 tripods only

    This 12" tripod extension fits G-11 and GM-8 mounts only to raise the eyepiece of a long focal ratio refractor or fast focal ratio reflector to a more comfortable observing height . . .
  4. Losmandy Adjustable height field tripod for Losmandy GM-8 equatorial mount

    This Losmandy LW (Light Weight) tripod comes standard with the Losmandy GM8 German equatorial mount, but is available separately as a replacement for a lost or damaged tripod . . .
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