MySKY scope control cable for AutoStar II-equipped scopes only

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This mySKY cable lets you connect your Meade mySKY electronic sky guide to a Meade AutoStar II-equipped LX200 computerized telescope to expand the scope's capabilities, without having to pay for extra cables for scopes you don't own . . .
Our Product #: CAB200

Product Description

This cable lets you connect a Meade mySKY hand-held multimedia sky exploration guide to a Meade AutoStar II-equipped LX200 computerized telescope. It lets you point your mySKY at a celestial object, push a button on the mySKY, and have your telescope slew to the object you've selected on the mySKY screen.

This 10' coiled cable has 4-pin to 6-pin telephone-style connectors for use with an AutoStar II-equipped telescope (LX200, LX200R, etc.) It will not work with Meade #497 AutoStar scopes (ETX Maksutovs, LXD-55/75 mounts and scopes, LX90 SCTs).

There's no more scrolling through menus to find the Messier number of that globular cluster or nebula you can see overhead so you can get your scope to move to it. After aligning your scope on the sky normally, aim your mySKY at an object in the sky, select the "Point Scope" option on the mySKY control panel, and your scope will go right to the object.

The cable also lets you add the mySKY GPS date, time, and location functions to Meade non-GPS computerized telescopes for a more accurate telescope set-up.

Tech Details

Weight 4 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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