Non-vignetting adapter to mount Feather Touch focuser on Meade 12" and larger SCTs

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This adapter threads onto the rear cell of 12" to 16" aperture Meade catadioptric telescopes to hold a Feather Touch focuser with 1.5" of drawtube travel without vignetting . . .
Our Product #: FT-MLG
Starlight Instruments Product #: A20-213

Product Description

This 2.125" tall adapter is designed to allow a Feather Touch focuser with 1.5" of drawtube travel and an internal brake system to swing through the fork arms of 12" to 16" aperture Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Its special wide-mouth design eliminates vignetting during wide field visual observing with long focal length wide field 2" eyepieces and during astrophotography.

It can also be used with a 10" Meade SCT, but may not be able to swing through the fork arms, depending on the length of the accessories attached to the focuser. Use adapter #FT-MSLG with a 10" Meade scope.

The adapter has 3.25" diameter internal threads on one end that attach to the large rear cell thread of the above telescopes. The 3.25" thread to 2" thread step-down adapter ring normally attached to the rear cell of the scope must be unthreaded and removed to use this adapter. The opposite end of the adapter has a 2.75" diameter opening that accepts the body of a Feather Touch focuser. Three recessed setscrews in the adapter fit into a groove in the Feather Touch focuser body to lock the focuser in place.

The 0.8" travel Feather Touch may also be used, but generally won't have enough drawtube travel to accommodate the focus points of a wide variety of eyepieces. The 2" travel Feather Touch can be used, but will bottom out in the adapter after about 1.6" of travel. Precision machined of aluminum and black anodized.

Tech Details

Weight 6 oz
Warranty 1 year


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