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This fully multicoated Celestron 8-24mm zoom eyepiece gives you a virtually infinite number of magnifications in a single very reasonably-priced eyepiece . . .
Our Product #: C824Z
Celestron Product #: 93230

Product Description

This Celestron zoom eyepiece is fully multicoated, with an 8mm to 24mm focal length range and a soft rolldown rubber eyecup for eyeglass use. The rubber eyecup can be removed to expose T-threads that permit direct connection of a camera T-ring and camera body for variable power imaging.

As with all zooms, the apparent field of view of this Celestron zoom decreases as the focal length increases. This generally results in a 20% narrower field of view at low powers and a 10% wider field at high powers than you can achieve with similar focal length single magnification eyepieces. This is just the reverse of what most people expect from eyepieces - which is a wider field at lower powers, where you're usually observing larger objects that don't need as much magnification to fit in the eyepiece field, and a narrower field at high powers.

Likewise, this Celestron zoom's usable eye relief decreases slightly as the focal length decreases, from a specified 18mm at a 24mm focal length to 15mm at an 8mm focal length. Contrast is also generally a little lower than you'll find in single magnification eyepieces of similar focal lengths. If these minor anomalies are not a problem for you, however, a zoom offers the convenient ability to precisely match the observing magnification to the seeing conditions, as well as offering a virtually infinite number of magnifications in a single reasonably-priced eyepiece.

The eyepiece has a safety groove cut into its chrome barrel that will catch the thumbscrew of your focuser or star diagonal and keep the eyepiece from falling to the ground should the thumbscrew accidentally loosen during use. The power change band on the eyepiece uses a broad knurled rubber gripping surface that makes it easy to make small power changes, even in cold weather when wearing gloves or mittens.

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Warranty 1 year


Review by:
During 2018's Mars opposition, after having owned (but not used much) this zoom for over a year, I "discovered" that the main advantage of a zoom eyepiece is the ability to fine tune the magnification to what the nights atmospheric seeing is allowing (which is tremendously useful when observing the planets), so that on great nights you get superb high power views, and on bad nights you get lower power (but still sharp) views.
When I eventually got a lunar field map, I got more interested on the moon, and there I also found that despite the nice views from my 82º widefield eyepieces, the advantage of the zoom to see the whole moon, and gradually zoom in to observe areas and match them to the map, and then zoom in for more detail, is really the best way to observe the moon.
For DSOs, you'll find the narrow 40º field of view at the 24mm end to be rather constraining, but for observing the planets and the moon, the 8mm end has a nice 60º field of view, and ergonomics that are much superior than a 10mm Plössl. I have since upgraded to a Baader zoom, but I consider the Celestron zoom a great first eyepiece for someone who is mainly interested in observing the planets or the moon, and also a better value than spending the money on 2 or 3 Plössl eyepieces. (Posted on 11/15/2018)
Review by:
I recently got back into astronomy and purchased a 4" f/5 grab and go scope. I'm the kind of person thats does a quick 1 hour session and I'm done. So when I say grab and go, that's what I mean. Not grab 6 eyepieces and go.That's where this 8-24 zoom Celestron comes in. It gives very adequate views, and I don't have to fumble with more eyepieces. Very versatile and gets the job done. (Posted on 10/30/2018)
Review by:
When I bought a used scope, this eyepiece came with it. It covers the range of other eyepiece focal lengths I have, and I prefer to use those other ones. The view quality just isn't the same, even when compared with my entry level plossels. Out at 24mm, it isn't too bad, but there is definite vignetting at 8mm. I use it when I have guests over with kids or for boy scouts/cub scouts. It makes it easy to locate a target like the moon or a planet, zoom in, refocus a little, and let the kids look. If they bump the scope, which they always do, it is easy to zoom back out, reacquire the target, and zoom back in - no eyepiece changes needed. That is what the previous owner said he used it mostly for as well, when his younger kids would come look through the scope. It comes with a nice hard plastic, cylindrical case. (Posted on 10/25/2018)
Review by:
Hi it is a good eyepieces because you do not need to buy so many eyepieces at the same time you have many eyepieces. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Review by:
The Celestron 8-24mm zoom is a solid value and very functional, although it won't blow anyone away with quality of build or innovative optics. Mine "clunks" very slightly when I shake it but this has not affected the quality of the views through it as far as I can tell.

I've put this eyepiece to use mainly for planetary and lunar observation as it has a usable field of view that would be considered narrow compared to many non-zoom eyepiece designs. I believe that it delivers a sharp, vivid image in the center of the field of view. Unfortunately the edges are not especially well corrected. Perhaps this is a part of the eyepiece design; perhaps it is a result of the "clunk" I occasionally hear.

This eyepiece has come in handy during outreach events because I rarely have to change it out regardless of observing target and I don't worry about the cost as much if it gets damaged.

I think this would be an ideal eyepiece for a new astronomer on a budget, but due to build and optical quality I'm reluctant to give it more than three stars. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
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