Parallax TeleVue NP-127 rings, 5" ID, pair

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These 5" ID Parallax tube rings fit the TeleVue NP-127 refractor . . .
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Product Description

These 5" internal diameter Parallax split tube rings fit the TeleVue NP-127 optical tube only. The rings are made of die-cast aluminum and are hinged for easy telescope installation and removal. Their hinges, no-tool knobs, and hardware are made of stainless steel for long life. The rings are finished in a subtly-flecked dark gun metal gray paint and are felt lined.

Three 1/4"-20 thread mounting holes are drilled and tapped in the flat boss on the bottom of each ring for installing the ring on your mount or mount dovetail plate. One hole is drilled on the centerline of each ring and is flanked by two identical holes on 3.5" centers. A similar hole pattern is drilled and tapped into the top boss of each ring to allow the attachment of an accessory dovetail plate or piggyback ball-head camera mount.

The 1/4"-20 center hole is used to install the rings on the narrow dovetail of a Vixen Great Polaris or Sphinx, Celestron Advanced Series, Meade LXD-75, or similar mount. While these mounts can hold the weight of the optical tubes, the rings, and the added weight of other basic visual accessories, be certain that the payload capacity of your mount is sufficient to hold that weight plus the weight of any additional photographic accessories you might want to add.

The center holes are also used to mount the rings on a generic 4" wide dovetail plate, such as one of the Losmandy universal dovetail plates (#DUP and #DUPS) that have only a series of holes or slots drilled along the centerline of the dovetail. This allows you to use your scope on a Losmandy GM-8 or G-11 mount, Celestron CGE or CGE Pro mount, etc. The two 1/4"-20 thread holes drilled on 3.5" centers can also be used for mounting the rings piggyback on a larger optical tube using a telescope-specific Losmandy dovetail plate (such as the #DAP67, #DC8, etc.) or any other 4" wide dovetail that has mounting holes on 3.5" centers.

If you are buying these rings to mount your optical tube on an Astro-Physics dovetail and mount, please specify so at the time you order. The rings will be drilled at the factory with the Astro-Physics hole spacing on 3.2" centers, instead of the 3.5" three-hole pattern described above.

Should the standard three-hole mounting configuration (or the alternative Astro-Physics pattern) described above not fit your dovetail plate, custom mounting holes can be drilled in blank rings at the Parallax factory to fit your mounting requirements. Specify the number, size, thread pitch, and spacing of the custom mounting holes needed when ordering your rings. Astro-Physics pattern or custom mounting hole drilling requires an additional $15 charge.

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