Tele Vue quick-release finder bracket to mount finders up to 50mm on TeleVue scopes

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This Tele Vue quick-release finderscope bracket lets you mount virtually any 50mm finderscope on a TeleVue refractor's ring mount . . .
Our Product #: TVQRB
TeleVue Product #: QFM-1008

Product Description

The black-finish machined metal dovetail base of this Tele Vue quick-release finderscope bracket slides into one of the dovetail grooves machined into the top of the ring mount supplied with (or available for) all TeleVue refractors. A supplied bold threads into a countersunk hole on the dovetail and into the ring mount to hold the dovetail firmly in place.

The black-finish machined metal quick release ring portion of the bracket has two finder mounting rings, each with three good-sized hand-tighten plastic collimating screws. The rings will hold virtually any commercially-available 50mm finderscope. The ring portion slides into the dovetail slot in the bracket's base and is held in place by one hand-tighten metal-shaft knob. The head of the knob is ribbed plastic for a firm and secure grip. The dovetail base will also hold Astro-Tech, Vixen, and Orion stalk-type finders.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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