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Astro-Tech 7mm UWA 82° 1.25" Eyepiece

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In general, we hope to get what we pay for with things; in this case I think you get more than you pay for.
I spent an evening using this in my AT102ED, also from Astronomics. My main concern was the sharpness of stars across the entire field in this f/7 scope. I was not disappointed; edge-edge the stars were pinpoint. I could also just get the entire Double Cluster in one view @102x. The Moon almost filled the view and also was sharp across the face. I was just barely able to split the Double Double in Lyra at times. This eyepiece gives me a 49' FOV at 102x and I plan to sell two other eyepieces that this replaces.
Seeing improved a bit so I opted to put this in a 2x Barlow, giving me 204x; really the limit for a 4" scope. Again, looking at the Double Double I could easily see gaps in both binaries and nice round stars anywhere in the view. M57 was faint because of the almost-full Moon, but I readily saw the smoke ring shape with the center hole.
My only complaint is the lack of an adjustable eyecup. But, I found that the position of the fixed one was good for 90% of the time. Is this on par with the Green Goodies that are an informal benchmark...not quite. But, for the price of one excellent eyepiece you can get 3 very good ones in this series and be quite happy with them. I am now looking at another one to fill a gap in my eyepiece spectrum. (Posted on 10/10/2022)

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