Tele Vue Set of six spacer rings for imaging with NP-127is, NP-101is, and TV-102iis

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This TeleVue set of six spacer rings provides the necessary combinations of length needed to properly position 35mm, digital SLR, and SBIG SLT11000 CCD cameras in relation to a TeleVue imaging system refractor for most prime focus photography . . .
Our Product #: 13TSET
TeleVue Product #: TLS-2245

Product Description

The TeleVue #13TSET of six spacer rings consists of one each of the following:

a #13T025 0.25" spacer,
a #13T037 0.375" spacer,
a #13T050 0.5" spacer,
a #13T100 1.0" spacer,
a #13T1MM 0.040" (1mm) spacer, and
a #13T2MM 0.080" (2mm) spacer.

Singly and in combination, they are used with other TeleVue imaging system accessories to provide the necessary distance between a 35mm, digital SLR, or SBIG STL11000 CCD camera and a TeleVue imaging system refractor to achieve the proper focus.

See the system chart provided with each individual spacer ring to see which spacers are used for which type of imaging and in what order they and the other optional accessories should be assembled for proper operation.

The spacers are made of black anodized aluminum with internal anti-reflection threads for maximum contrast. A ribbed ring around the top of each spacer provides a firm grip for assembling and disassembling the spacer from the imaging accessory stack.

Tech Details

Weight 8 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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