SharpStar 150mm f/2.8 HNT Hyperbolic Astrograph With Built-In 3 Lens Corrector


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SharpStar has produced a fast, flat, and compact wide-field imaging telescope.  The SharpStar 15028HNT provides a field that will cover a 44mm image circle allowing illumination with a full-frame format (24x36mm)

Our Product #: SS150
Sharpstar Product #: 15028HNT

Product Description

SharpStar brings their homage to the fabled Takahshi Epsilon series to you with their 15028HNT hyperbolic astrograph.  The compact 150mm f/2.8 reflector uses an array of optical technology to provide a fantastic full-frame (24x36mm) image circle.  In the heart of the system lies a 150mm hyperbolic primary mirror with 96% reflecive enhanced aluminum coatings.  The real trick is what happens to the image when it reflects off the 70mm secondary mirror.  Once the light bounces off the secondary it passes through a 3 lens element corrector that allows you to produce a 44mm image circle.  This combination of optical ingenuity delivers a flat wide field that is a fantastic imaging instrument.

The instrument itself is produced with portablity as well as durability in mind.  The 18" long tube is made out of carbon fiber and all the metal fittings are CNC machined for a precision fit.  The dual speed rack and pinion focuser will make acheiving that critical focus a breeze.  The focuser also comes with a 1.25" adatper if you want to see how well it works visually and the backfocus is 55mm from M48x0.75 threaded adapter.  The telescope comes with both a Vixen Style and Losmandy style dovetail plate, as well as a carry handle on top.  And to protect your investment the 15028HNT comes in a hardsided carry case.

Tech Details

Aperture 150mm
Focal Length 420mm
Focal Ratio f/2.8
Weight 13.2 lbs
Optical Coatings Enhanced Aluminum 96% reflective
Supplied Eyepiece None
Telescope Type Reflector
Warranty 1 year
Back Focus 55 mm from the M48x0.75 threaded adapter


Review by:
This little F2.8 Hyper Newt astrograph is proving to be loads of fun and the images I am getting from it are pretty amazing. . The fit and finish is nice and and the carbon fiber OTA is very light weight. The focuser is smooth and adequate for the cameras I have used on it so far. This scope is a "keeper". (^8 (Posted on 7/19/2021)
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