Skyris 274M high definition monochrome lunar, planetary, and solar camera

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Celestron has partnered with The Imaging Source, a leading international manufacturer of imaging products, to produce the Skyris 274M – a bold new high definition USB 3.0 imaging camera that makes top-quality solar system imaging easy and affordable.

The Celestron Skyris 274M monochrome camera uses a high-definition Sony CCD sensor with a substantial detection area, small pixels, and a large 1.9 megapixel array. This makes the Skyris 274C capable of a wide variety of very high resolution solar system imaging with a wide variety of telescopes. The small pixel size of the Celestron Skyris 274M provides more detail per pixel, even when used with smaller telescopes. From Jupiter and its moons, to a good-sized chunk of the Moon's battered surface in a single shot, to detailed full-disk images of the Sun flares and prominences through a suitable short focal length H-alpha solar scope (like a Lunt 60mm or 80mm scope), the Celestron Skyris 274C can handle all your solar system imaging needs with ease.  

The Skyris 274M's monochrome sensor lets you capture wide dynamic range black-and-white planetary images instantly. An optional filter wheel is available for standard RGB tri-color imaging as well as specialized imaging through filters to emphasize various features, such as dust storms and high altitude clouds on Mars, subtle details within the bands on Jupiter and Saturn, and more. The Skyris does not have an optical window. This makes cleaning your camera easier and ensures maximum light transmission with no risk of internal reflections.

High speed internal components include a global shutter that reads all pixels simultaneously (instead of the slower one row at a time method typical of a conventional CCD) and a high-speed USB 3.0 connection. These allow short exposures that capture those fleeting moments of stable air for sharper images. To minimize the effects of turbulence in our atmosphere, the Celestron Skyris 274M can take up to 20 frames per second and choose the sharpest for you automatically. 

The included Celestron iCap image capture and stacking software (for Windows only) makes it easy for you to control your camera to take your images or movie file. The stacking software then automatically aligns and filters the best frames and stacks them to create your final images and exports them for printing or posting online. Designed to take full advantage of the included software package, the Celestron Skyris 274M camera can bring out tremendous detail and produce planetary images that will rival those taken with astronomical cameras costing much, much more. 

Features of the Camera . . .

    Imaging sensor: High sensitivity/high dynamic range Sony Super HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) ICX274 monochrome CMOS. Fast download global shutter. The sensor chip measures 8.5mm x 6.8mm (10.88 mm diagonal).

    Resolution: 1.9 megapixels (1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high, 1,920,000 total pixels). Each pixel measures 4.4 microns square. 12-bit A/D conversion rate for a wide dynamic range. 

    Exposure range: From 0.005 to 10 seconds (user selectable) at frame rates up to 30 per second.

    USB download: The Skyris 274M uses a fast USB 3.0 high speed connection to your computer (backwards compatible with USB 2.0) via a supplied 10' detachable USB cable. This allows fast data transfer of the camera’s uncompressed frames per second. You see your images almost as soon as you take them, making focusing quick and easy. There is virtually no delay between the moment the image is taken and when it appears on your computer screen.

    Connection to the telescope: The Skyris 274M has a machined aluminum 1.25" nose piece that allows you to use it with any telescope having a 1.25” focuser. The nose piece is threaded for standard 1.25” eyepiece filters. Back focus is 19mm with the 1.25" nose piece. The nose piece is removable, exposing female C-mount threads (25.4 mm x 32 TPI).

    Power requirements: No batteries or power supplies required. The camera is powered by your computer via the USB cable. Just plug the Skyris 274M’s USB cable into your laptop or PC and you are ready to image. No other power supplies are needed. 

    Minimum computer requirements: Pentium IV, 2.0 GHz; 1GB RAM; 24 or 32 bit graphics card; Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 (32 and 64 bit); DirectX 9.0c or higher; USB 2.0/3.0.  

    Included components: Skyris 274M camera with 1.25” nose piece; 10' USB 3.0 cable; a CD-ROM including image capture software to capture streaming video of what your telescope sees and Registax image processing software to align, filter, and stack individual frame into one high quality image or movie.
Pixel Array:
1600 x 1200
Pixel Size:
4.4 x 4.4 microns
The weight of this product.
3.6 oz.
2 years
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Skyris 274M high definition monochrome lunar, planetary, and solar camera

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Skyris 274M high definition monochrome lunar, planetary, and solar cameraWhat you get in the Celestron Skyris 274M box.Image showing the Celestron Skyris 274M imaging chip.Image showing the connections on the back of the Celestron Skyris camera.
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The Celestron Skyris 274M 1.9 megapixel monochrome camera has the right match of detection area, pixel array, and pixel size that you need to take highly-detailed lunar, planetary, and solar images through a wide variety of telescopes, from small fast focal ratio H-alpha solar refractors through long focal length SCTs.

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