SkyShed Add glow-in-the-dark color to your POD observatory dome

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This SkyShed Glow option lets you have your observatory dome gently glow in the dark without affecting your dark-adapted vision . . .
Our Product #: DGLO

Product Description

The various versions of the SkyShed PODs are the first observatories to offer a permanent built-in glow in the dark option. You can choose to have either the dome or the observatory walls and bays glow (or both) and you can choose from two brightness levels and two distinct colors.

This #DGLO option is for adding a standard Glow to the dome of a SkyShed POD, PODXL3, or PODXL5 observatory. If you prefer the Ultra Glow option (#DUGLO), it should be ordered separately. Specify the standard Glow color wanted (either ION Green or Neutron Blue) in the comment field of the online order form when ordering this option. This dome glow option must be specified when ordering your observatory. It is built into the dome panels as they are being constructed and cannot be added to the dome later. Adding a glow option to the walls (in addition to, or instead of, this dome glow option) must be ordered separately.

The glow feature makes it easier for visual observers to locate equipment within the dome, even though the glow is not bright enough to affect your dark-adapted vision. SkyShed has specifically chosen glow pigments that fade quickly so that the POD glow gets fainter as your eyes become dark adapted. However, astrophotographers who want maximum darkness for imaging should not choose the glow option as the effect will last all night at a low level.

The available colors and brightness levels are ION Green and Ultra ION Green, and Neutron Blue and Ultra Neutron Blue. Pictured below is a Neutron Blue Glow POD as it would appear at night to dark-adapted eyes. An Ultra Glow POD would appear twice as bright as this Glow POD. Move your cursor over the image to see the POD's appearance change from its daytime color to its nighttime standard glow color. The image at the top of the page shows the Ultra Glow ION Green option. One of the feature images below shows the various available colors.

The images above were taken in total darkness. One was taken with a flash, showing the approximate daytime appearance of a POD. Click on the image to see the POD change between its daytime appearance and its glow-in-the-dark nighttime appearance. The dark shot was taken at f/2.8, with a 10 second exposure. It shows an approximation of the glow you'll see with dark-adapted eyes. No internal lighting is used in the shot. The glow effect is the same inside and out. The photo was taken after the POD was charged from 20' away with a 250 watt bulb for 2 minutes.

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