SkyShed Foam insulation for POD XL3 wall and door panels

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This Ecomate insulating foam added to your POD XL3 door and wall panels during construction will keep your telescope equipment cooler and extend the life of your POD . . .
Our Product #: 3WFOAM

Product Description

Constant exposure to severe climate conditions - very high daytime temperatures, heavy wintertime snow loads, routinely high winds, etc. - can shorten the life of your POD XL3 observatory, just as it can shorten the life of any outdoor equipment or furniture you might have. One of the options available to strengthen and extend the usefulness of your POD observatory is to have the POD XL3 door and wall panels filled with Ecomate hardened polyurethane foam insulation at the factory when your POD XL3 is constructed.

Ecomate is an ecologically-sound (non-ozone depletion potential/non-global warming potential/Kyoto Protocol Compliant) material that makes the already strong double-walled panels and door panel incredibly strong. In addition, it is thermally efficient and cuts out infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, and visible light. The thick insulation helps keep the outside's hot and cold temperatures where they belong - on the outside of your observatory dome - in extreme environments. The Ecomate insulation adds 8 pounds to the weight of each wall panel.

If you are having your primary dome panels insulated, you must have the door and wall panels insulated (and the equipment bays IR-lined) for additional strength due to the extra weight of the insulated dome.

This insulating package includes Ecomate foam installed in the door panel and both wall panels of the POD XL3.

This foam insulation package must be ordered at the time your POD XL3 observatory is ordered so it can be installed as your POD XL3 is being constructed. It cannot be added after your POD XL3 is built.

Tech Details

Weight 24 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


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