SkyShed One black polyethylene liner for a POD equipment bay


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This polyethylene insulating liner added to your POD equipment bays during construction will keep your telescope equipment cooler and extend the life of your POD . . .
Our Product #: 5IRLINE

Product Description

Constant exposure to severe climate conditions - very high daytime temperatures, heavy wintertime snow loads, routinely high winds, etc. - can shorten the life of your POD XL5 observatory, just as it can shorten the life of any outdoor equipment or furniture you might have. One of the options available to strengthen and extend the usefulness of your observatory is to have each equipment bay fitted with a one-piece 100% virgin black polyethylene insulating liner when your POD is constructed.

This black polyethylene liner is highly ultraviolet and infrared resistant. The black lining is melded with the outer bay color and will not scratch off or peel over time. The liner prevents daytime infrared radiation from penetrating into the bay, reducing the heat build-up inside the POD in extreme high temperature environments. It also prevents visible light and UV radiation from entering the bay from the outside. Each liner adds 3 pounds to the weight of each equipment bay and make the bays stronger.

These IR liners must be ordered at the same time as your POD so that they can be properly installed into the equipment bay(s) while your observatory is being constructed. The price quoted is per liner. Order one liner for each bay in your pod.

Tech Details

Weight 75 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I have and use the skyshed pod system. These bays are good for storage, but the black liner, in my opinion, holds the heat in. My pod has the foam lined insulated walls and 3 black lined pods and it gets very toasty in the summer. However, I would rather have the bays than not because the interior of the pod itself is pretty tight. (Posted on 1/2/2019)
Review by:
I have the SkyShed POD XL5 and all bays have this black lining. It helps prevent stray visible light from shining through but it also keeps the bay some cooler by preventing IR from getting in.
In a few spots you will see bleed through of the black lining; but it is usually very minor.
(Posted on 11/11/2018)
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