Coronado Sol Ranger Sun finder for Coronado SolarMax telescopes

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The Coronado Sol Ranger provides an easy way to center your Coronado SolarMax solar telescope on the Sun's image with no danger to your eyes . . .
Our Product #: CSOL
Coronado Product #: SOL

Product Description

The Coronado Sol Ranger Sun Finder is a passive solar finder that makes it easy and safe to center the Sun's image in the eyepiece of a Coronado SolarMax telescope.

The Coronado Sol Ranger is a metallic tube with a pinhole aperture in the end that faces the Sun. At the opposite end is a translucent viewing screen. The Sol Ranger bolts to pre-drilled holes in the clamshell scope mounting ring supplied with Coronado solar telescopes. The simple act of bolting it to the SolarMax scope automatically aligns the Sol Ranger with the SolarMax optics, so no collimation is needed.

When the SolarMax scope is pointed directly at the Sun, a small image of the Sun is projected onto the Sol Ranger's translucent viewing screen. When the Sol Ranger is pointed near, but not directly at, the Sun, a flare of light can be seen on the viewing screen to show you the direction to move the scope to center it on the Sun. Only when the scope is pointed directly at the Sun will you see a discrete solar disk image on the viewing screen. Center the Sun's disk on the viewing screen of the Sol Ranger and it will also be centered in the eyepiece of the SolarMax scope.

Do not put your eye to the translucent viewing screen to use the Sol Ranger. The solar image is designed to be seen from a considerable distance (several feet or more) behind and even off-axis from the scope itself.

The Sol Ranger is standard equipment with the 90mm Coronado SolarMax scopes, but optional with the 40mm and 60mm models.

Tech Details

Weight 1 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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