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  1. Questar Birder, 90mm, broadband coatings,40/60x, finder, rapid focus, case

    When you need absolutely pinpoint resolution, total freedom from spurious color and distortion, and the highest possible light transmission and contrast - the broadband-coated Questar Birder is the spotting scope you need . . .
  2. Questar Birder, 90mm, 40/60x

    Absolutely pinpoint resolution, total freedom from spurious color and distortion, an image clarity and contrast in a class all its own - the Questar Birder is truly the Rolls-Royce of spotting scopes . . .
  3. Questar Field Model, 90mm, broadband coatings, 53/80x, case

    For absolutely exquisite and detailed long distance observing, no scope beats the images of this "legendary" Questar Field Model with broadband optical coatings . . .
  4. Celestron C90 Maksutov spotting scope, 90mm, 1.25" 38x, photo tripod mounting block

    This Celestron spotting scope puts good quality Maksutov-Cassegrain optics for long-distance observing (both terrestrial and astronomical) into a compact and lightweight body that's easy to use in the field  . . .
  5. Questar Birder, 90mm, broadband coatings, Zerodur mirror, 40/60x, finder, rapid focus, case

    This is it. The broadband-coated/Zerodur mirror Questar Birder is the ultimate spotting scope . . .
  6. Celestron C5 SCT spotting scope, 125mm, 1.25" 50x, CG5/AVX/photo tripod dovetail


    Those who want big optical performance in a small package should consider the 5" aperture Celestron C5 Schmidt-Cassegrain spotting scope, a scope that a BVD (Better View Desired) Online review put in the same category as a $4000+ Questar Birder . . .

  7. Questar Field Model, 90mm, broadband coatings, Zerodur mirror, 53/80x, case

    With all due respect to the other spotting scopes shown on this site, there can only be one "best spotting scope in the world." This Questar Field Model is it . . .
  8. Olivon T-90ED 22-68x90 Spotting Scope (Angled View)

    Angled Viewing 22-68x Eyepiece Magnification Extra Low Dispersion Glass Elements Fully Multicoated Optics

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  9. Questar Field Model, 90mm, 53/80x, case

    For observing distant subjects clearly, no other spotting scope beats the clarity and resolution of a Questar, a spotting scope that Cornell University's Living Bird magazine called "legendary" . . .
  10. Celestron Ultima 100 Angled viewing 100mm spotting scope, 22-66x zoom

    For very long distance or very low light observing, nothing beats a very large aperture spotting scope for making distant or dim birds more visible. For large aperture value, nothing beats the 100mm Celestron Ultima 100 . . .
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