Standard cover for 6" refractors on large equatorial mounts


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This cover will protect 6" refractors with focal ratios up to f/8 and up to 58" in tube length on a large German equatorial mount . . .
Our Product #: TGR6-L
TeleGizmos Product #: TGR6-L

Product Description

This sloped-top cover will protect any 6" refractor with a focal ratio of f/6 to f/8 on a large German equatorial mount. It is designed for mount/scope combinations requiring 60" of vertical cover length as measured from the end of the scope dew shield down to the end of the counter weight shaft with the scope parked parallel to the polar axis. The scope can have a tube length of up to 58".

Some typical scopes might include a Takahashi TOA-150 or FS-152 refractor on a Takahashi NJP or EM-400 equatorial mount (either standard or go-to), a Celestron CGE mount, or a Losmandy G11 or HGM Titan equatorial mount (either standard or go-to).

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I’ve had three telegizmo covers. They work. I wouldn’t keep buying them if I didn’t like them overall.
Pros: light weight, easy to handle, keep the sun/dust/moisture off the rig, not expensive, roll up nice and compact for storage.
Cons: they do wear out from use; the material begins to wear and break down with a lot of use. The draw stings are just not right, they’re bungee chords. I know what the manufacturer says about that but they’re wrong in my opinion; I’ve never been able to use them affectively.
This particular model is being used on my Orion HDX110 with a WO132FLT on it with a Moonlite focuser, ZWO1600MM with filter wheel and OAG and it covers the whole scope easily and nearly reaches to the ground with plenty of room. I also have one of their 360 covers that I use when I want to leave the scope set up for several days and I love it.
(Posted on 11/30/2019)
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