STT/STLX/STX Remote guiding head

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The SBIG Remote Guider Head lets you guide on stars of undiminished brightness when imaging through a color filter wheel with an SBIG Research Series camera, as well as lets you add a self-guiding function to an SBIG "I-Series" camera that was originally supplied with an imaging detector only . . .
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Product Description

When color imaging with a self-guiding SBIG Research Series CCD camera through a color filter wheel, you may encounter some areas of the sky that have few reasonably bright stars to use for guiding. In such a case, the color filters will dim the only available guide stars to the point where guiding with the camera's internal guiding chip may become erratic as seeing conditions fluctuate. The use of this optional SBIG #RGH separate external guiding head will eliminate any such guiding issues.

The #RGH remote guiding head contains a thermoelectrically-cooled, 16 bit, 657 x 495 pixel Texas Instruments TC-237H CCD detector that is identical to internal self-guiding CCD in SBIG STT, STLX, and STX camera bodies only. It does not fit older model cameras. It connects to, and is powered by, the SBIG camera and takes over the guiding function from the internal guiding detector within the camera body. The #RGH can be mounted in a separate photoguide telescope or in an off-axis guider body, such as the Astrodon #MOAG.

Mounted away from the main camera body, and with no filter wheel in front of it, the #RGH can guide on a star of undiminished brightness, including one well off the imaging camera's axis in case there is no suitable guide star in the target's immediate vicinity.

The #RGH remote head is equipped with T-threads on the front cover. It will accept the SBIG eFinder assembly for guiding, a camera lens adapter, a T to C adapter, or the provided 1.25" nosepiece for use with an external guide scope. The external guider will also control the SBIG adaptive optics systems when used with an off-axis guider assembly. In addition, the Remote Guider Head lets you to add a self-guiding function to an SBIG "I-Series" USB ST camera that was originally supplied with an imaging detector only. It connects to the camera by means of an HDMI cable.

Tech Details

Pixel Array 657 x 495
Pixel Size 7.4 x 7.4 microns
Warranty 1 year


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