SLT software

The telescope comes with a CD-ROM of TheSky Level 1 planetarium and star charting software. This Windows-based program will let explore the Universe on your PC and print out custom star charts of the sky to help you find faint objects that are not in the scope computer's database. In addition, you also get the NexStar Observer's List (NSOL) control software. This program lets you connect your SLT scope to your Windows-based laptop or PC (with an optional RS-232 cable). It brings up on your computer screen a list of all the objects it the scope's database. Simply click on any of the objects in the list and the scope will slew to that object (if it is above the horizon) and start tracking it for you to observe.

You can also add optional NexRemote telescope control software to allow you to more completely control the scope from your personal computer or laptop. NexRemote provides an on-screen image of the computer hand control with full control of all the hand control functions from your computer keyboard. In addition to emulating the NexStar hand control, NexRemote adds powerful new features that let you keep your eyes on the stars instead of the hand control. It provides talking computer speech support using your computer's built-in speaker; lets you control the objects you want to see and the order in which you see them; lets you create and save custom sky tours; lets you take wireless control of the telescope with optional gamepad support; lets you connect your personal GPS device to the NexRemote; downloads NexRemote updates online to use the latest features; and more. The NexRemote software includes an RS-232 cable to connect the scope to a PC.

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