Takahashi 12V/26AH rechargeable battery with charger

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This high capacity 12VDC battery and battery charger combination will power any Temma-equipped go to Takahashi EM or NJP mount for a full evening of slewing and observing in the field . . .
Our Product #: TBAT26
Takahashi Product #: PSS0002

Product Description

This battery/charger combination consists of a 26 amp hour capacity 12VDC battery with a separate 110/120VAC battery recharger. The sealed gel cell deep discharge battery has an attached cable terminated in the appropriate plug to connect it to any Takahashi EM or NJP mount, as well as to the supplied AC adapter for recharging. The recharger has an automatic electronic cutoff to protect the battery from overcharging.

The battery is designed to power all versions of the EM2, EM10, EM11, EM200, EM500, and NJP mounts. With the Temma-equipped computerized go-to versions of these mounts, its 26 amp hour capacity allows a full evening's observing with extensive slewing from object to object. It will power the less power-hungry standard non-goto versions of these mounts for several evenings of observing. If you do not intend to add a Temma computer to your Takahashi mount, the smaller capacity (but lighter) #TBAT12 12 amp hour battery might fit your needs better.

The battery is not made by Takahashi, but rather by the Takahashi importer. Consequently, its appearance does not match the fit and finish of the Takahashi mounts.

Tech Details

Weight 20 lbs
Warranty 5 years


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