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The Takahashi Advanced Temma Hand Controller (#ATHC) is designed to convert the Temma dual-axis drive/drive correctors used on Takahashi German equatorial mounts to full go-to operation, without the need for a PC. Designed for Takahashi Temma drives by AstroSolutions LLC, it includes all the drive corrector features that come standard on the mount and adds new go-to functionality. The #ATHC is fully compatible with all Temma mounts ever made and has the flexibility to stay compatible with future generations of Takahashi mounts by allowing you to update the internal firmware and software to correct problems as well as add completely new features at no cost.

The #ATHC has a real-time clock and intuitive software design to cut down on the need for repetitive data entry. It stores all your critical data, such as the location information, for use observing session after session. The menus are easy to navigate and require the minimum of keys to access any function. The keypad is designed like a standard numeric keypad for ease of data entry. Crucial keys are located to allow you to perform critical functions such as a go-to stop without even looking at the keypad or while wearing gloves.

The #ATHC has 8 gigabytes of high-speed flash storage to hold numerous stellar catalogs. Its fast 32-bit processor allows you to perform multi-level searches with only a few key strokes, easily bringing up any object you may wish to view or photograph.

Looking at an object, but not sure what it is? Ask the #ATHC and it will search its catalogs to see if it can identify it. If so, the name and type of the object will be displayed and you can add it to your favorites with just the press of key.

Tired of being told an object is visible, only to find it is behind your house or buried in tall trees? The #ATHC not only stores up to 9 observing locations, but also the horizon heights around each location. Now when you're told an object is visible, it really will be visible.

The sturdy case of the #ATHC is custom laser-cut and sized for easy use by anyone, bare-handed or gloved. The keypad has a standard PC numeric key layout, plus dedicated search keys. It is waterproof and has tactile keys so you can feel when a key has been pressed. The adjustable brightness fiber-optic backlighting provides an even illumination of all keys.

The controller’s fast 32 bit CPU allows for quick response and multi-level searches, while its 8 GB of high-speed flash storage provides almost unlimited storage. A built-in USB to serial converter allows connection to your Temma mount using only its USB port. An optional GPS integrates seamlessly into the controller's software.

An Identify command tells you the name of virtually any object visible in the eyepiece. A separate catalog can be loaded with your favorites, right from the keypad during an observing session. Your favorites catalogs can be saved by location and up to 5 different users can have their own separate set of favorites catalogs. Searches thru the various catalogs can be performed on multiple criteria, and be performed with just the press of one button. Results from previous observing sessions can be remembered so that each new search doesn't require you to scroll thru objects he has already seen.

The #ATHC measures 7.7” x 4.7” x 1.5”. It has a 4 line by 20 character display with adjustable red backlighting and an illuminated one-touch power switch. There is a flash disk card slot for additional data storage. The Takahashi #ATHC weighs 18.5 ounces and is covered by a full 3-year parts and labor warranty.

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3 years
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Takahashi - Advanced Temma Hand Control

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Takahashi - Advanced Temma Hand Control
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The Takahashi #ATHC Advanced Temma Hand Controller converts all Takahashi Temma dual-axis drive/drive correctors to full go-to operation, without the need for a PC . . .

. . . our 36th year