Takahashi Micro-fine focuser for Takahashi scopes w/2.7" focuser


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This micro-fine focusing knob gives ten times the focusing precision to all Takahashi refractors using a 2.7" focuser.
Our Product #: TFF0003
Takahashi Product #: TFF0003

Product Description

This micro-fine focusing knob replaces one of the standard focusing knobs on all Takahashi telescopes using a 2.7" focuser - all FC and FS series refractors; the Epsilon E-130, E-160, and E-200 astrographs,etc.

It has dual concentric knurled focusing collars. The larger outer collar focuses the telescope normally. The smaller inner fine focus knob is geared to operate at a 10 to 1 reduction ratio. Ten turns of the smaller fine focus knob turns the larger focusing collar one revolution. This allows focusing that's ten times more precise than even the already smooth and accurate Takahashi focuser can provide. Critical planetary and CCD focusing is markedly easier and more precise with the micro-fine focuser. Ball bearing races in the focuser provide extremely smooth focusing in all temperature conditions. The larger focusing collar can be used at any time to override the fine focus knob and make quick large-scale focus changes.

Except for a user-supplied common Phillips head screwdriver, the micro-fine focuser comes with all the tools and appropriately-sized hardware you will need to install it on a Takahashi 2.7" focuser. Installation takes only 5-10 minutes. The focuser is designed to be left in place on your scope permanently.

Tech Details

Weight 5 oz.
Warranty 5 years


Review by:
There is much debate about the worthiness of various Takahashi focusers. After much research, I made sure that the stock focuser on my FS-102 was adjusted as well as it could be. Having a few FeatherTouch focusers on various scopes, it was obvious to me that the Tak would benefit from a fine focus knob. Although the TFF0003 is sometimes spec'd as a 10:1 reduction, Takahashi claims 7:1. It is in fact just less than 8:1. And it makes the old FS-102 much nicer to use. I haven't experienced any sponginess that some people have reported, but then I did adjust it a little before installing.
(Posted on 10/30/2019)
Review by:
Installed this on my FSQ106N, needed to drill small holes. The punch used to mark hole location, slipped and scratched the paint (very tiny scratch) use caution.
Knob is a friction/press fit design, comes loose from shaft and must be pushed back on firmly after numerous focus adjustments. Operationally it focuses precisely, its a must have accessory. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
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