Tele Vue Tele-Pod (Advanced) Mount, metal tripod


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The TeleVue Tele-Pod Mount is a lightweight altazimuth mount for travel and casual visual observing with TeleVue TV-60 and TV-76 refractors . . .
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TeleVue Product #: TPM-1015
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Product Description

The Tele-Pod Mount is a complete 7.5 lb. altazimuth mounting system for smaller TeleVue refractors such as the TV-60 and TV-76. Its compact size and light weight makes it ideal for spur of the moment backyard observing or for traveling.

The Tele-Pod consists of a 2-section black anodized aluminum tripod with a manually-adjusted rising center post and a separate yoke & cradle type mount head. The top section of the tripod legs are foam covered for increased vibration damping and more comfortable carrying in cold weather. Each tripod leg has a rubber-tipped foot for use on wooden decks and other hard surfaces. The rubber foot retracts to reveal a metal ground spike for a more firm footing on grass or dirt. The tripod's adjustable height reversible center column has a 1/4"-20 stud on one end and a removable 3/8"-16 stud on the other, allowing use with standard photo tripod pan heads, as well as with the Tele-Pod mount head. By varying the length of the telescoping two-section legs and the height of the rising center post, the telescope height can be set anywhere from 28" to 62".

TeleVue scopes attach to the Tele-Pod head by means of two supplied studs that thread into the base of the telescope mounting ring. These studs project down through holes in the Tele-Pod cradle and are held securely in place with supplied wing nuts.

The Tele-Pod head is totally manual in operation. You use its supplied camera tripod-type pan handle to move your scope from object to object. There are no slow motion controls, but the panning motion of the mount is so smooth that most observers will not need them. The yoke & cradle type mount head balances your TeleVue scope at its center of gravity, so that the scope will not swing unexpectedly when you let go of the pan handle (which can be set up for either right hand or left hand use). The altitude bearings are brass, while the azimuth bearing is aluminum and Teflon. Both altitude and azimuth motions have tension adjustments to set the friction to accommodate differing scope weights.

Because the Tele-Pod head has two mounting holes in the underside of its built-in azimuth bearing, it can be removed from the tripod and used on any camera tripod legs having either a 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 screw. The Tele-Pod head therefore can also be bought separately (without tripod) if you already have a set of photo tripod legs available. In addition, the Tele-Pod head is pre-drilled so it can be fitted with an optional TeleVue Sky Tour computer-aiming system for easier location of deep sky objects. Because there is no accessory tray available for the Tele-Pod tripod, a useful accessory would be the Eyepiece Caddy Set that attaches to the Tele-Pod head and holds up to five eyepieces.

The Tele-Pod can also be used with other brands of small refractors. However, the internal width between the vertical sides of the Tele-Pod yoke measures only 5.25", so the maximum width of the mounting rings of another brand of telescope must be smaller than this measurement. In addition, the buyer should keep in mind that the fore-and-aft mounting platform dimension of the yoke is limited and would require a user-supplied adapter plate to install dual mounting rings on the single 1/4"-20 thread hole available in the Tele-Pod yoke.

Tech Details

Weight 7.5 lbs.
Warranty 5 years


Review by:
The Tele-Pod could be the ultimate grab and go mount. It certainly is my favorite small mount. A detachable alt-azimuth head makes it simple to pack the tripod separately to fit into baggage for air travel. The lightweight tripod has telescoping legs and an extendable center section. If you prefer a more substantial mounting, the head will fit on any other tripod with standard threads. The well designed Tele-Pod head provides smooth action in both axes. Mine travels almost every time that I do and I have never had to tinker with the mount to keep it functioning properly. Last week my Tele-Pod went to Vandenberg AFB and enabled a group of people to see great views of a Falcon 9 launch and LANDING. Afterwards I used it to show them the visible planets as well. I carried the mount and a small refractor over a quarter mile to the viewing area. Transporting and handling the mount was no big deal but actually having a proper mount and telescope at the launch & (first West Coast land based) landing was fantastic! (Posted on 10/17/2018)
Review by:
The TeleVue Tele-Pod is an excellent grab-n-go mount for small refractors. I have an Orion ST80 on the mount and it is a breeze to pick up the entire light-weight unit -- with scope mounted -- to get outside under the stars quickly. The mount is super stable with the lightweight ST-80 mounted. Dampens super quick. Mount movement is buttery smooth. I also purchased the eyepiece caddy attachment. Excellent quality and matches the mount perfectly -- a highly recommended accessory for this mount. Couldn't be happier with my purchase of this mount from Astronomics. Great customer service!. I highly recommend this mount and the optional eyepiece caddy if you are looking for a solid, but light-weight grab-n-go alt-az mount. TeleVue quality is first rate. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
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