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  1. Meade USB To RS-232 bridge cable and software

    This adapter allows you to connect your Meade ETX/LX90/LX200 telescope to your PC through a high speed USB port, rather than through a slower serial port . . .
  2. Meade 6' PC To ETX/LXD-75/LX90 serial interface cable only

    This 6' cable set connects your Autostar-equipped telescope (ETX, LXD-75, or LX90) to your laptop or PC to control the scope remotely and to clone new information between two telescopes . . .
  3. Meade #546 AC Adapter for Meade ETX-60/70/90

    This accessory lets you operate the Meade ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT, and current models of the ETX-90, from AC power, so you don't drain the batteries in your scope . . .
  4. Meade #607 Car Battery Cord

    This 25 foot long Meade DC cord lets you power most Meade telescopes from the cigarette lighter in your car or from a rechargeable 12VDC battery pack . . .
  5. Meade 15' USB 2.0 Cable

    This 15' USB cable quadruples the length of the standard 5' LPI or DSI imager cable so you can put your laptop computer in a safer and more convenient location . . .
5 Item(s)
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