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  1. Collimating tube

    The Takahashi TCE0030 collimating tube provides crosshairs to convert the Takahashi TCE0020 collimating eyepiece into a sighting tube for collimating Newtonian reflectors. 
  2. Collimating eyepiece

    The Takahashi TCE0020 is a collimating eyepiece used to collimate Newtonian and Cassegrain telescopes.
  3. Takahashi Collimating scope for Ritchey-Chrétiens, Dall-Kirkhams, and refractors

    This Takahashi 6 x 18mm collimating scope is designed to help you align the optics of Dall-Kirkham, Ritchey-Chrétien, and refractor telescopes.
  4. Celestron Newtonian reflector collimating tool

    The Celestron Newtonian reflector collimating tool is a combination of a sight tube and a Cheshire eyepiece in a single unit. It has the precisely centered sighting hole and crosshairs of a sight tube, plus the cutout in the side of the tube containing the very precise 45° angle reflecting surface of a Cheshire . . .
  5. Astrozap Artificial star

    The economical Astrozap artificial star provides a steady, stable first magnitude pinpoint of light to allow you to precisely collimate your scope in the field without worrying about star drift or seeing conditions . . .
  6. Astro-Tech 1.25"/2" laser collimator

    This 1.25" red Astro-Tech Laser Collimator, with 2" adapter, makes quick work of collimating the optics on your Newtonian reflector telescope . . .
  7. Astro-Tech Newtonian reflector collimating tool


    The Astro-Tech ATCOLL 1.25" dual-purpose Newtonian reflector collimating tool combines a sight tube and a Cheshire eyepiece. Unlike more expensive competitive Cheshire eyepieces, it has a soft fold-down rubber eyecup to improve contrast during use and protect eyeglasses from getting scratched.

  8. Takahashi S coupling to connect TCE0100 to Takahashi scopes

    This Takahashi S coupling connects the Takahashi TCE0100 collimating scope to Takahashi telescopes.
  9. Takahashi 2" adapter to use Takahashi collimating scope with non-Takahashi telescopes

    This Takahashi 2" adapter is used to connect the Takahashi collimating scope to the 2" focuser of takahashi reflectors and non-Takahashi telescopes.
9 Item(s)
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