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  1. Antares 7.5 X 50mm illuminated white right angle correct image finder

    This illuminated right-angle finder with erect/right-reading images shows you the stars the same way they appear on star charts, masking it easy to star hop. It's a convenient replacement for the straight-through inverted image finder supplied with Meade LXD75 go-to telescopes . . .
  2. Antares 7.5 X 50mm illuminated white right angle finder

    This illuminated erect image right-angle finder is an excellent replacement for the straight-through inverted-image finder supplied with Dobsonians and Meade LXD75 telescopes, particularly the refractors and Schmidt-Cassegrain versions . . .
  3. Mounting bracket for 7 x 50mm Takahashi finderscope

    This heavy-duty Takahashi finderscope bracket is designed to mount a Takahashi 7 x 50mm finderscope on any Takahashi refractor 4" in aperture and larger . . .
  4. Celestron Polar finder for CG-4/Omni Series mounts

    This Celestron polar alignment finder lets you line up your Celestron CG-4 German equatorial mount or Omni Series scope precisely on either celestial pole for more accurate tracking and computerized object locating . . .
  5. Astro-Tech Cordless illuminator

    This very economical Astro-Tech #ATIL adjustable brightness red LED illuminator can be used with any crosshair reticle guiding eyepiece that uses an 8mm nosepiece diameter illuminator . . .
  6. Telrad 2" Riser base for Telrad finder

    This Telrad riser base raises the Telrad finder 2" above the side of your scope's optical tube for more comfortable viewing . . .
  7. iOptron iPolar CEM120 Internal Electronic Polarscope

    • Fast and easy to use
    • High precision (30 arcsec)
    • No need to see the Pole Star
    • No need to rotate the mount during alignment
  8. Celestron 9x50 Right Angle Correct Image Illuminated Finder Scope

    Upgrade your finder and stop straining your neck and back! This well-built 9x50 finder displays right side up, left-to-right correct views, a great choice for both daytime and nighttime use Illuminated double-crosshair reticle doesn’t hide stars Includes double ring bracket with integrated dovetail
  9. Takahashi Starbase 80 6x30mm Finder Scope With Bracket


    This Takahashi Starbase 80 finder is designed for use with the Starbase 80 achromatic refractor just in case you don't like the peep-hole finder the telescope comes with.

  10. Tele Vue Qwik Point finder


    The compact, lightweight Qwik-Point is the ideal sighting companion for any small scope!

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