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  1. Nightwatch: A Practical Guide To Viewing the Universe, 4th edition

    With over 600,000 copies in print, NightWatch is the top-selling stargazing guide in the world. This completely revised 4th edition has been updated to be usable through 2018 . . .
  2. Stargazing With a Telescope, revised edition

    This practical guide to choosing and using a telescope makes buying a telescope less of a mystery if you're relying on your own research, rather than letting a telescope dealer guide you . . .
  3. Stargazing Basics: Getting Started In Recreational Astronomy

    Whether you are a parent thinking of buying a telescope for your children, or a newcomer yourself, this book covers all the basics about picking the right equipment and taking the first steps into the fascinating world of astronomy . . .
  4. Backyard Astronomer'S Guide, third edition

    This expanded third edition of the Backyard Astronomer's Guide answers dozens of practical questions on choosing and using a telescope and how to observe and photograph the night sky and everything in it . . .
4 Item(s)
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