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  1. Takahashi 1.25" Prism diagonal

    This premium 1.25" Takahashi TAKSD1 compression ring prism star diagonal is the diagonal that Takahashi puts with all of their complete telescope systems - even those costing as much as $30,000.
  2. 1.25" Enhanced aluminum 96% reflectivity mirror diagonal

    This 90° 1.25" mirror-type star diagonal uses enhanced aluminum mirror coatings for a full 95% reflectivity. The mirror is overcoated with quartz for long life. The mirror housing and 1.25" barrels are precision-machined from a single block of solid aluminum, rather than being simply a pair of less-rigid tubes screwed into a flimsy plastic mirror housing or sheet metal stamping, as with lesse . . .
  3. 1.25" Everbrite 99% Reflectivity mirror diagonal

    This 90° 1.25" first-surface mirror star diagonal has Everbrite dielectric mirror coatings for a full 99% reflectivity, the highest possible . . .
  4. 1.25" mirror diagonal for Brandon eyepieces on a 3.5" Questar

    This Questar #19107 star diagonal is designed for axial viewing with 3.5" Questar telescopes only . . .

  5. 1.25" 99 Percent reflectivity Everbite mirror, 60 degree viewing

    This unique 60° viewing angle 1.25" diagonal is a sensible step up for comfortable extended viewing of the Moon and planets, as well as more comfortable terrestrial observing . . .
  6. Celestron 1.25" Prism diagonal

    A Star Diagonal lets you view objects that are at a 90° angle from the direction the telescope is pointing, thereby allowing comfortable viewing when the telescope is pointed at, or near, the zenith (i.e. directly overhead). The resulting image is right side up, but will be reversed from left to right. . . .
  7. Astro-Tech 1.25" 99% Reflectivity dielectric mirror diagonal

    This 1.25" dielectric mirror-type star diagonal was a Sky & Telescope Hot Product for 2007! Considering its performance, it would be an outstanding value at twice the price. At its economical low price, it's still a hot product, and nothing short of sensational . . .
  8. Takahashi 4 Turret 1.25" Eyepiece Holder

    Looking for a quick way to change magnifications and not use a zoom eyepiece?  This great accessory from Takahashi might be the ticket.
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