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  1. Celestron CGX 700 7" Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope


    700 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with f/15 focal ratio provides high contrast views of the planets and lunar landscapes, perfect for serious planetary imagers and visual observers.

    Celestron’s premium StarBright XLT coatings ensure maximum light transmission.

    The CGX, with its 55 lb. load capacity, is Celestron’s most innovative, state-of-the art, computerized equatorial mount to date, and provides a very sturdy and rigid platform.
    The drive system utilizes low cog DC Servo motors with integrated optical encoders, belt and pulley motor connection, spring-loaded steel worm gears supported by precision sealed bearings, and brass worm wheels for smooth, accurate slewing and tracking performance with little backlash.

  2. Celestron Advanced VX 700 7" Maksutov Cassegrain GoTo Telescope


    The Celestron AVX 700 7" Maksutov is an instrument designed to excel at planetary and lunar observation.  The high contrast views will leave you breathless during your evenings under the stars for years to come.

  3. Questar 7" Astro Maksutov-Cassegrain, broadband coatings, Zerodur mirror

    If there are telescopes in heaven, chances are good they use Questar Seven Astro optical tubes with broadband optical coatings and a thermally-stable Zerodur ceramic mirror . . .
  4. Questar 7" Classic Titanium Maksutov-Cassegrain, broadband coatings, Zerodur mirror

    Is this Questar Seven Classic Titanium the ultimate mid-sized telescope? I think so. I own a 7" Classic with broadband coatings and a Zerodur mirror and I can't think of another scope I'd trade it for . . .
  5. Explore Scientific165mm f/7 FPL-53 Carbon Fiber APO Triplet Refractor With 3" Hex Focuser

    Enjoy serious observation with Explore Scientific's flagship telescope, the 165mm FPL-53 refractor.
  6. Celestron 7" Maksutov Cassegrain OTA

    The 7" Maksutov Cassegrain is a fantastic instrument just begging to get out under the stars and bring its high contrast optics to your eye.
  7. Questar 7" Classic Titanium Maksutov-Cassegrain

    Even better to look through than its star chart-covered body is to look at, The Questar Seven Classic Titanium is loaded with performance and built-in performance features that competitive telescopes can only dream of . . .
  8. Sky-Watcher Skymax 180 180mm f/15 Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tube


    The Sky-Watcher 180mm Maksutov-Cassegrain folded optical system comes close in optical performance to the best-known ultra-premium 7" Maksutov, but at less than 15% the price.

  9. Takahashi Epsilon E-180ED Astrograph


    The Takahashi Epsilon E-180ED is fast imaging system for the most discerning user.

  10. Questar 7" Astro Maksutov-Cassegrain

    Observe the heavens through a Questar Seven Astro optical tube, and you'll see detail and clarity in the skies that you have never seen before through a lesser scope . . .
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