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  1. Celestron 14" SCT Fastar-compatible optical tube, CGE/Losmandy dovetail

    Regular Price: $5,999.00

    Special Price $5,000.00

    There are state-of-the-art Starbright XLT multicoatings on the hand-figured 14" aperture SCT optics of this impressive optical tube, plus a Fastar-compatible secondary that lets you add an accessory lens to cut the focal ratio to an astonishing f/2.1 for CCD imaging.
  2. Lunt LS50THa 50mm f/7 refractor, 6mm blocking filter, Pressure Tuning

    This Lunt 50mm solar telescope has a 6mm blocking filter and True Doppler Tuning (Pressure Tuning) to give you economical high resolution visual and DSLR Hydrogen-alpha images of explosive solar flares and prominences as well as sunspot and surface features in exquisite detail.
  3. Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED Classic White Tube FCD100 Series APO Triplet Refractor

    Regular Price: $1,449.99

    Special Price $999.95

    This 80mm Explore Scientific FCD100 ED triplet apochromatic refractor is loaded with premium glass for outstanding viewing sessions night after night
  4. ZWO FF130 APO OTA

    Regular Price: $3,499.00

    Special Price $3,149.10

    The ZWO FF series is a potential fit for your astro-photography needs.
  5. Astro-Tech 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph, carbon fiber tube

    The Astro-Tech AT8RC is the first affordable 8" Ritchey-Chrétien with premium features available to the amateur astronomer who is into serious deep space imaging. Sky & Telescope agrees, as they named the AT8RC a Sky & Telescope Hot Product for 2010. A review in the December 2009 Sky & Telescope said "it was how nicely this scope is matched to APS-C and 35mm formats that really wowed me."

    Out of stock

  6. Astro-Tech AT115EDT f/7 ED Triplet Refractor OTA

    Regular Price: $1,399.00

    Special Price $1,259.10

    The Astro-Tech AT115EDT 4.53" f/7 ED triplet apochromatic  refractor offers more performance and features than similarly-priced smaller aperture competitive refractors, and a markedly lower price than competitive scopes with the same aperture. All in all, an exceptional value.
  7. Explore Scientific165mm f/7 FPL-53 Carbon Fiber APO Triplet Refractor With 3" Hex Focuser

    Enjoy serious observation with Explore Scientific's flagship telescope, the 165mm FPL-53 refractor.
  8. Celestron 11" EdgeHD optical tube, CGE/Losmandy dovetail

    The EdgeHD high definition flat field optics of this Celestron 11" EdgeHD optical tube give you a true astrographic-quality big aperture 11" optical tube at a surprisingly affordable price . . .
  9. Sky-Watcher Skymax 90 90mm f/13.9 Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tube

    The Sky-Watcher 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain is a compact optical powerhouse, capable of producing sharp, high contrast images inside the solar system and out.

    • Flat field free of optical aberrations like field curvature, coma, astigmatism and chromatic aberration across an entire APS-C sensor.
    • Unlike the larger RASAs that work with DSLR and large CCD cameras, the 8” model was designed with color astronomical CMOS cameras, smaller CCD cameras, and mirrorless cameras in mind. The telescope does not work with standard DSLR cameras.
    • NEW Ultra-Stable Focus System – six precision sealed ball bearings virtually eliminate image shift.
    • Integrated air cooling system –12V DC MagLev fan reduces cooldown time and provides optimal air flow while filtering out dust.
    • Internal filter mount – seamlessly accommodates a Light Pollution Imaging Filter into the optical path.
    • CGE dovetail mounting rail.
    • Performs over a wider spectral range than most telescopes, from 390-800 nm, so more of the light passing through the astrograph is in sharp focus.
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