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  1. Takahashi TOA-130NFB 5.1" Ortho-Apochromat Triplet Refractor OTA

    This performance of this 4" focuser Takahashi 5.1" ED triplet refractor is too good to let it be called simply an apochromatic scope. Only the term ortho-apochromatic is accurate enough to describe its optical excellence, both visually and for medium format and 35mm/large format CCD imaging . . .
  2. Astro-Tech AT130 EDT f/7 ED Triplet OTA

    Some observers feel that the Astro-Tech AT130EDT 5.12" f/7 ED triplet apochromatic refractor compares favorably in performance to scopes nearly four times its price. We won't go quite that far, but we will say that the AT130EDT is an exceptional performer and an exceptional value.
  3. Astro-Tech AT80ED 3.1" f/7 ED Refractor OTA

    The Astro-Tech AT80ED is a fantastic value and incredible performer.
  4. Celestron 4" Omni XLT 102 Equatorial refractor with Starbright XLT optical multicoatings

    This Celestron Omni XLT 102 refractor puts good fully Starbright XLT multicoated achromatic optics on a solid German equatorial mount to provide an excellent mix of performance, portability, and features at a price that's surprisingly low . . .
  5. Astro-Tech AT102ED 4" f/7 ED Refractor OTA

    The Astro-Tech AT102ED is a fantastic value and incredible performer.
  6. Astro-Tech AT125EDL Refractor OTA FCD-100 and Lanthanum f/7.8 Doublet with Hard Case

    The Astro-Tech AT125EDL takes the performance of the it smaller siblings and combines it with the mechanics of the EDT line.
  7. Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 4.2" F/5 Dual ED/Four Element Optical Tube

    This Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 quadruplet is the ultimate portable no-compromise photo/visual refractor . . .

    Out of stock

  8. Sky-Watcher Evostar 100ED 100mm f/9 ED doublet apochromatic refractor

    Regular Price: $1,255.00

    Special Price $999.00

    This 100mm Sky-Watcher Evostar 100ED doublet apochromatic refractor is a premium scope with high contrast/high resolution performance and premium accessories at a very attractive price . . .

    Regular Price: $999.00

    Special Price $799.00

    The ZWO FF series is a potential fit for your astro-photography needs.
  10. Celestron PowerSeeker 50, 2" Altazimuth refractor


    The PowerSeeker 50A altazimuth refractor is a very, very economical introduction to casual astronomy and nature study for the beginning astronomer, but one that can supply good images of nature, the Moon, the planets, and some of the brighter deep space objects.

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