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    Regular Price: $1,499.00

    Special Price $1,299.00

    The ZWO FF series is a potential fit for your astro-photography needs.
  2. Sky-Watcher Pro/View 80 package with ProED 80 refractor and AllView mount

    The Sky-Watcher Pro/View 80 package combines a Sky-Watcher ProED 80 ED doublet 80mm apochromatic refractor with a Sky-Watcher AllView go-to altazimuth mount. The result is a great grab-and-go observing combination.
  3. Astro-Tech AT115EDT f/7 ED Triplet Refractor OTA Used

    The Astro-Tech AT115EDT 4.53" f/7 ED triplet apochromatic  refractor offers more performance and features than similarly-priced smaller aperture competitive refractors, and a markedly lower price than competitive scopes with the same aperture. All in all, an exceptional value.
  4. Astro-Tech 10" f/8 truss tube Ritchey-Chrétien optical tube

    This newest Version A of the Astro-Tech AT10RCT carbon fiber Serrurier truss Ritchey-Chrétien Hot Product for 2015 makes high quality large-aperture/large format DSLR and CCD imaging affordable for the dedicated amateur astrophotographer and educational institution.
  5. Sky-Watcher Evostar 120mm f/7.5 ED doublet apochromatic refractor

    Regular Price: $2,490.00

    Special Price $1,999.00

    This 120mm Sky-Watcher Evostar 120ED is a premium doublet apochromatic refractor with highly-reviewed high contrast/high resolution optics that Sky & Tel said were on a par with scopes costing three times its price . . .

  6. Astro-Tech 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph, carbon fiber tube

    The Astro-Tech AT8RC is the first affordable 8" Ritchey-Chrétien with premium features available to the amateur astronomer who is into serious deep space imaging. Sky & Telescope agrees, as they named the AT8RC a Sky & Telescope Hot Product for 2010. A review in the December 2009 Sky & Telescope said "it was how nicely this scope is matched to APS-C and 35mm formats that really wowed me."

    Out of stock

  7. Tele Vue TV-85 3.35" (85mm) f/7 Ivory Tube/Black Trim APO

    The Tele Vue TV-85 refractor has a compact body that's small enough and light enough to take anywhere in the world - with apochromatic optics that are out of this world . . .
  8. Explore Scientific AR102 4" f/6.5 achromatic doublet refractor optical tube

    This highly portable 4" Explore Scientific achromatic refractor optical tube (only 25.5" long, with a weight of 11.3 pounds) is a great value for spur-of-the-moment grab and go astronomy . . .
  9. Explore Scientific165mm f/7 FPL-53 Carbon Fiber APO Triplet Refractor With 3" Hex Focuser

    Enjoy serious observation with Explore Scientific's flagship telescope, the 165mm FPL-53 refractor.
  10. Takahashi FC-76DS Refractor Telescope


    The Takahashi FC-76DS is an updated version of the beloved Takahashi from 1980.  The fluorite doublet will truly take you back to the future.

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