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  1. Astro-Tech AT72EDII Refractor OTA FPL-53 and Lanthanum f/6 Doublet

    Regular Price: $519.00

    Special Price $489.00

    The Astro-Tech AT72EDII takes the performance, and mechanics, of the "product everyone should own" (thank you Astronomy Magazine) and gives it an upgrade.
  2. Takahashi TOA-130NS 5.1" F/7.7 Ortho-Apochromat Triplet Refractor OTA

    This performance of this Takahashi 5.1" ED triplet refractor is too good to let it be called simply an apochromatic scope. Only the term ortho-apochromatic is accurate enough to describe its optical excellence . . .
  3. Sky-Watcher Evoguide 50ED DX APO Refrator/Guidescope


    The Evoguide 50ED DX is your missing piece to your astronomy/astrophotography collection.

  4. Tele Vue TV-60 60mm f/6 apo body

    This TeleVue TV-60 is a high performance 2.4" apochromatic doublet scope that will surprise you as much with the magnitude of its performance as it does with the mini size of its compact "go anywhere, any time" body . . .
  5. Explore Scientific140mm f/6.7 FPL-53 Carbon Fiber APO Triplet Refractor With 3" Hexagonal Focuser

    140mm has long been considered the perfect size for an APO refractor. Explore Scientific makes that size a reality with fantastic optics and mechanics.
  6. Takahashi TSA-120 4.7" F/7.5 Ortho-Apochromat triplet refractor OTA

    This Takahashi TSA-120 4.72" ED triplet refractor puts true-color "super apochromat" optical excellence in a portable 15.4 lb. package . . .
  7. Takahashi FC-76DS Refractor Telescope


    The Takahashi FC-76DS is an updated version of the beloved Takahashi from 1980.  The fluorite doublet will truly take you back to the future.

  8. Sky-Watcher Esprit 80mm f/5 ED apochromatic triplet refractor with field flattener

    The compact Sky-Watcher Esprit 80mm ED apochromatic triplet refractor has the premium high contrast/high resolution optical performance you need to let you use it as the heart of your observing and wide field imaging system. 
  9. Astro-Tech AT130 EDT f/7 ED Triplet OTA Used

    Regular Price: $1,899.00

    Special Price $1,649.00

    Some observers feel that the Astro-Tech AT130EDT 5.12" f/7 ED triplet apochromatic refractor compares favorably in performance to scopes nearly four times its price. We won't go quite that far, but we will say that the AT130EDT is an exceptional performer and an exceptional value.
  10. Astro-Tech AT115EDT f/7 ED Triplet Refractor OTA

    Regular Price: $1,499.00

    Special Price $1,399.00

    The Astro-Tech AT115EDT 4.53" f/7 ED triplet apochromatic  refractor offers more performance and features than similarly-priced smaller aperture competitive refractors, and a markedly lower price than competitive scopes with the same aperture. All in all, an exceptional value.
Showing 1 to 10 of 53 total
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