Worldwide Product Warranty

TeleVue Optics warrants its “first-quality” products to be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not extend to any product whose serial number has been defaced or altered, or to any product which TeleVue Optics determines to contain a defect or malfunction caused by damage while in the possession of the consumer. The above descriptions may include incorrect installation, maladjustment, misuse, negligence or servicing by the consumer, or by a failure on the part of the consumer to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance. Additionally, this warranty does not apply to any product not originally intended for sale as TeleVue Optics “first-quality”, i.e., products meant for distribution or sale as demonstrators or having known cosmetic defects. These products are factory-marked by TeleVue Optics for identification purposes. Further, TeleVue Optics reserves the right to disallow any products from warranty coverage that are deemed to have been received by the end customer in other than factory-sealed condition.
Units returned to our home office for service must contain proper Return Authorization number, and must be shipped prepaid in the original shipping carton (containing all original packing materials) and insured for its original value. In cases where the original shipping carton and/or packing materials are not available, customers and dealers are directed to contact TeleVue Optics for the appropriate replacement materials (available for a nominal fee).
Furthermore, TeleVue Optics will not warrant and service products purchased from United States dealers for shipment abroad to countries where the services of an authorized TeleVue Optics dealer are available at the time of purchase. This warranty also applies to the reverse situation, i.e. where products purchased in foreign markets are to primarily reside in another country where there exists an authorized dealer at the time of purchase. Reasonable proof of date of first purchase of the product at retail will be considered the sole determinant in deciding compliance with our warranty.
Please note: If a U.S. dealer conducts any business with customers who do not live in the United States (and foreign dealers who sell TeleVue products to people living in countries where TeleVue has authorized dealers), it is the dealer’s duty to inform this type of customer that their TeleVue product may not be covered by our warranty if there is a TeleVue dealer available in the customer’s country at the time of purchase. Customers who require current information about dealer locations in their home country should be referred to TeleVue Optics.

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