Thousand Oaks Full aperture glass filter for Celestron 9.25" Schmidt-Cassegrains

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This full aperture Thousand Oaks glass solar filter fits all 9.25" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrains . . .
Our Product #: 71C9F
Thousand Oaks Product #: C10750

Product Description

This Thousand Oaks full aperture solar filter has a 235mm/9.25" clear aperture Type 2+ glass filter element. It's mounted in an aluminum cell with a 273mm/10.75" internal diameter to fit scopes with a maximum diameter of 271.5mm (10-11/16").

It fits all versions of the Celestron 9.25" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (C9¼-S, C9¼-SGT, CGE-925, NexStar 9¼, etc.).

You can custom fit it to scopes with an O.D. of 266.7mm (10-1/2") to 271.5mm (10-11/16") by using the extra supplied self-adhesive felt.

Always remember to install the solar filter before pointing your telescope at the Sun to avoid instant and irreversible damage to your eyesight.

Tech Details

Color 0 - Not a color filter
Warranty 15 years


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