Tele Vue X-Y Mount to attach TV-60 to TeleVue ring mounts

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This adjustable mount lets you use the TeleVue TV-60 refractor as a quick-release superfinder on a larger TeleVue refractor . . .
Our Product #: TVXYA
TeleVue Product #: AAM-0001

Product Description

This X-Y axis adjustable mount system lets you use the TeleVue TV-60 refractor as a superfinder for a larger TeleVue refractor. It allows you to collimate the optical axis of the TV-60 precisely with the optical axis of the larger scope so that the two scopes are aimed at the same point in the sky.

Please refer to the close-up image above to identify the parts of the mount (click on the small image to display a close-up, if you have not already done so). The mount component labeled "Dovetail" has a long arm that fits into the X-Y axis adjuster (the block with the knobs attached at the left of the image). The end of the arm can be seen protruding from the lower left end of the X-Y adjuster. The X-Y adjuster bolts into the finderscope dovetail that is cut into the ring mount of all 3" and larger TeleVue refractors, using the two labeled bolts seen protruding from the underside of the adjuster.

Removing the "stop screws" on the end of the TV-60 dovetail (and the "stop screw" on the X-Y mount's dovetail) lets you install the TV-60 on the X-Y mount's dovetail. Remember to reinstall the dovetail's stop screw for safety after the TV-60 is installed on the dovetail.

The large knob in the X-Y adjuster, labeled "Lock Knob," acts as a pivot for the 2 horizontal adjustment screws that move the dovetail with its attached TV-60 from side to side (only the adjustment screw nearest the camera is shown). The lock knob simultaneously acts as the lock knob for the vertical "jack screw" adjustment that moves the dovetail and TV-60 up and down.

By adjusting the lock knob and various screws while looking alternately through your scope and the TV-60, you can precisely aim the optical axis of the TV-60 at the same point in the sky at which your main scope is aimed. Removing the dovetail's stop screw quickly lets you remove the TV-60 for use on a photo tripod for terrestrial observing or casual astronomy when you don't have time to take your main scope outside. If the adjustment screws are not disturbed while your TV-60 is off the main scope, the TV-60 should be correctly collimated when it is again mounted on the X-Y mount's dovetail. If it is not, a few quick tweaks of the collimating screws will soon have it lined up properly again.

This X-Y adjuster is also available with the appropriate adapters (our part #TVXYC) to allow the TV-60 to be used as a superfinder on Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

Tech Details

Warranty 5 years


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