Tele Vue 1.0" (25.4mm) spacer ring for imaging with NP-127is, NP-101is, and TV-102iis

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This TeleVue 1.0" (25.4mm) spacer ring provides the necessary distance between a 35mm, digital SLR, or SBIG SLT11000 CCD camera and a TeleVue imaging system refractor for prime focus photography . . .
Our Product #: 13T100
TeleVue Product #: TLD-1000

Product Description

The TeleVue #13T100 1.0" spacer ring is one of a number of adapters that are needed to provide the necessary distance between a 35mm, digital SLR, or SBIG STL11000 CCD camera and a TeleVue imaging system refractor. It mates with the other optional (but necessary) imaging system accessories listed below. The #13T100 is used for prime focus photography with following TeleVue IS (Imaging System) scopes: the TV-102iis, the NP-101is, and the NP-127is.

This adapter is recommended for use with digital SLR cameras having an APS size (30.2mm x 16.7mm) imaging chip or smaller.

In addition to this #13T100, imaging will require one of three combinations of some of the following accessories (which combination is used depends on the type of camera - see the system chart feature image below):
the #1360 Large Field Corrector,
a #13T025 0.25" spacer,
a #13T037 0.375" spacer,
a #13T050 0.5" spacer,
a #13CAW Canon wide T-adapter, and Canon T-ring,
a #13TRA standard T-ring adapter, and an appropriate T-ring,
a #13STL SBIG STL11000 camera adapter,
plus the imaging system adapter supplied with the TeleVue telescope.

The system chart feature image below shows the required order in which the #13T100 and the other optional accessories should be assembled for proper operation.

The spacer is made of black anodized aluminum with internal anti-reflection threads for maximum contrast. A ribbed ring around the top provides a firm grip for assembling and disassembling the spacer from the imaging accessory stack.

Tech Details

Weight 4 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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