1.25" Easy Grip Zero length eyepiece adapter for Feather Touch focusers


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This low profile 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter works with 2" Feather Touch focusers only. A non-marring brass compression ring holds 1.25" eyepieces securely in place . . .
Our Product #: FT-ADEP
Starlight Instruments Product #: EA20-205EG

Product Description

This 2" to 1.25" Easy Grip eyepiece adapter is designed to work with 2" Feather Touch focusers only. It has a non-marring brass clamp ring that holds 1.25" eyepieces securely.

A raised and knurled flange at the top of the adapter provides a sure grip for easier removal. The flange adds 0.25" to the length of the adapter. However, the 1.25" eyepiece holder itself is recessed into the body of the adapter so that the flange adds no length to the light path for most eyepieces. For some applications, such as using a 1.25" diagonal when the focuser is used on a Schmidt-Cassegrain, the flange will prevent the diagonal from seating flush with the adapter. This is usually of little consequence with an SCT, due to the long back focus of such scopes.

A small index pin at the top of the adapter fits into a shallow slot in the top of the focuser drawtube. There are two slots on the focuser drawtube. Each is opposite one of the drawtube's two thumbscrews. Fitting the index pin into either of the slots aligns the adapter so that the drawtube's opposite thumbscrew lines up precisely with the adapter's 1.25" eyepiece clamp ring mechanism. (The clamp ring mechanism is visible as the circular brass cup inset into the side of the adapter in the image to the left). Tightening the nylon-tipped thumbscrew on the drawtube body presses it into the spring-loaded clamp ring mechanism in the adapter, securing the 1.25" eyepiece in the focuser.

The second nylon-tipped thumbscrew provides an extra measure of security in locking the adapter into the focuser drawtube. The underside of the adapter is threaded to accept 48mm (2") filters.

Tech Details

Weight 3 oz
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
Leave it to Starlight Instruments to come up with a unique 1.25" adapter for their Feather Touch 2" focuser.
Its very low profile adds no additional height and while a little tricky to align at first (you do it by feel) the index pin idea really locks the adapter in very securely. No wobble or slipping. And, it's nicely threaded for 2" filters so you don't have to own and switch out both sizes. Nicely thought out. (Posted on 1/14/2019)
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