Tele Vue 10' Digital indicator kit to computer cable

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This 10' serial cable lets you display a TeleVue digital focus indicator's readout on your computer screen . . .
Our Product #: TVIKCAB
TeleVue Product #: RSC-2320

Product Description

This 10' RS-232 serial cable and adapter allows the focuser position readout of a TeleVue digital indicator kit to be displayed on your computer screen using the free TVFocus software available from TeleVue. The cable also supplies power to the digital indicator from your computer through the special indicator adapter interface module that comes with the cable. The cable needs a free serial port on your computer, or a USB port and a user-supplied USB to serial adapter.

The TVFocus software provides continuous or momentary position readout, in a standard screen or night vision format. It lets you save up to four preset positions between sessions, which is handy if you swap non-parfocal eyepieces or use various filters for imaging that change the point of best focus. The software displays yellow and green indicators on your computer screen when you are approaching or have achieved a preset focus position, and zero reset allows you to zero the indicator at any point.

Tech Details

Warranty 5 years


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