114mm i.d. Astro-Tech tube rings, pair

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These mounting rings fit refractors such as the current AT115EDT, Takahashi TSA-102, William Optics FL-105, plus any other scope with a 114mm OD tube . . .
Our Product #: AT114R

Product Description

These split and hinged optical tube mounting rings are made of solid aluminum, anodized black for long life. They are felt-lined and have a large hand-tighten knob to lock them on your optical tube. A heavy nylon washer prevents the knob from marring the anodized finish. The rings have a 114mm internal diameter to fit refractors with a 114mm OD tube, such as the Astro-Tech AT90EDT apo triplet, current light-weight AT111EDT, Takahashi TSA-102, FS-102, and original FSQ-106, William Optics FL-105 and ZenithStar 110, plus any other scope with a 114mm OD tube. The rings weigh 14.4 oz. each.

There are five mounting holes on bottom of the rings for mounting on most equatorial mount dovetail plates. The five mounting holes are 6mm metric threaded. One 6mm hole is centered in the flat mounting boss in the bottom of each ring. It is flanked by a pair of 6mm holes on 40mm centers, and a second wider pair of 6mm holes on 60mm centers. An identical set of five holes on the top of each ring allow installing a second dovetail plate to carry accessories.

Tech Details

Weight 14.4 oz. each
Warranty 1 year


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