12" Sonotube or aluminum tube Dobsonian standard cover


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This cover will protect any 12" solid tube Dobsonian reflector . . .
Our Product #: TG2D
TeleGizmos Product #: TG2D

Product Description

This cover will protect any 12" Dobsonian reflector with an aluminum or Sonotube optical tube, such as those from Celestron, Hardin, Meade, and Orion. For ease of installing the cover on the scope, the optical tube is usually set vertically, and the cover slipped over it and the base. You can tilt the tube away from the vertical once it is covered, if desired (down to a low as a 45° angle, although this may leave some of the scope's rocker box uncovered), or you can leave it stored in the vertical position. The cover measures 90" in circumference by 69" high.

Tech Details

Weight 2 lbs. 8 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
Impressed with quality of the material and the construction (sewing). First night I had the cover I used it and left the scope a 10" dob" outside instead of pulling it under the porch as I usually do. Lazy! but I had a brand new cover, the weather was stable.
Was not expecting any precipitation but a few mild showers passed through. When I got up late morning after observing till near dawn I realized a few showers had passed. I
thought to myself" Good Timing I Have a new telescope Cover".
The scope was wet! Standing water on the top dust cover and the heater pads were wet. Some water was pooling on the particle board base. I'm sure my goto motors are wet.
NOT WAT I WAS EXPECTING. As I text I have fans and heat lamps around my scope hoping for some luck.
Good cover for fair(dry) weather. (Posted on 4/5/2020)
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