14" German Equatorial mount catadioptric scope standard cover


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This cover will protect a 14" catadioptric telescope on a German equatorial mount . . .
Our Product #: TGG2
TeleGizmos Product #: TGG2

Product Description

This sloped-top cover will protect a 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain or other catadioptricon a German equatorial mount. It is designed for mount/scope combinations requiring 60" of vertical cover length as measured from the end of the scope dew shield down to the end of the counter weight shaft with the scope parked parallel to the polar axis. The cover has a major height (the right side of the cover in the image) of 60" and a minor height (the left side of the cover) of 40". The length of the cover along the sloping top is 39", and the width of the cover is 18".

Some typical scopes would include the Celestron 14" CGE-1400 go-toor an early '90s vintage Meade 14" SSC14 SCT on a GEM mount.

Tech Details

Weight 1 lb.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I use TG covers, both the standard one and the 365 versions outdoors 24/7 in Florida. My equipment safely lives under these covers. I use them to cover my equipment even in my observatory to keep bats, spiders, frogs, etc from wanting to use my equipment to make homes each night. I also use them to cinch shut and keep a GoldenRod in there (heater to prevent dew build up from humidity causing rust, etc). I recommend you get the next size up, no matter what you're covering. I got the 14" cover to cover my 10" and it does it very well, with room to spare, so that different configurations still fit (such as side by side or piggyback setups). I use this 14" version to also cover my 150mm F8 refractor in a side by side with an 80mm F7.5 APO and it fits with room to spare, plus finders, and other accessories. Always go a size up! (Posted on 10/8/2018)
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