16" Standard cover for fork-mount Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes

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This cover will protect 16" Meade catadioptric telescopes . . .
Our Product #: TG16
TeleGizmos Product #: TG16

Product Description

This cover will protect any 16" Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. It will not work with the 16" RCX400 Advanced Ritchey-Chrétien catadioptric, due to the larger size of the latter's fork arms. The cover slips over the optical tube and drive base of the scope, whether the scope is mounted on an altazimuth tripod, altazimuth pier, or equatorial pier. This cover measures 84" in circumference by 70" high.

To install the cover on the scope, turn the optical tube until it is parallel with the fork arms, and slip the cover over it and the drive base.

Tech Details

Weight 1 lb. 8. oz.
Warranty 1 year


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