2" 1.6X Extender-QE for the new Takahashi FSQ-106ED/FS-60C refractors only

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This Takahashi Extender-QE dual purpose optical system is both a 2" 1.6x Barlow and a field flattening photographic tele-extender for the new Takahashi FSQ-106ED "New Q" and FS-60C refractors only . . .
Our Product #: XTND-NQ
Takahashi Product #: TKA37595

Product Description

The Takahashi Extender-QE is designed specifically for use with the new Takahashi FSQ-106ED "New Q" refractor and FS-60C refractors only. It serves a dual purpose with that scope. It is both a 2" 1.6x visual Barlow and a field-flattening photographic tele-extender. This extender is not a simple two-lens achromatic Barlow lens, but rather a refined five-element optical amplification device.

The 1.6x Barlow function is very useful with the fast focal ratio f/5 FSQ-106ED refractor, as it lets you use long focal length eyepieces without having their exit pupils exceed the maximum dilated size of your eye's pupil. It also provides a longer telescope focal length to let you achieve higher magnifications without having to resort to very short focal length/short eye relief eyepieces.

The Extender-QE produces a flat, color free, extremely high contrast image that can be used for high magnification lunar and planetary visual observation or photography and CCD imaging. An additional advantage of the Extender-QE is that it corrects the image in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum that is invisible to the eye, but is easily recorded by CCD cameras. Stars that radiate strongly in the ultraviolet appear closer to their naked-eye visual appearance when imaged on a CCD camera through the Extender-QE. They do not have a bloated appearance on photos due to their normally invisible UV component being recorded by the CCD camera and added to the visual image. This feature only adds to the photo/visual capabilities of the Takahashi FSQ-106ED.

Its five-element optical system is fully multicoated for maximum light transmission and contrast. There is a deep safety groove cut into the 2" barrel on the telescope side of the Extender-NQ. This catches the "New Q" telescope's 2" focuser thumbscrew and prevents the extender from slipping out of the focuser should that thumbscrew accidentally loosen while observing. Two chrome thumbscrews in the 2" barrel on the eyepiece side of the extender hold eyepieces, star diagonals, and camera adapters firmly in place. Dust caps are provided for both ends of the XTND-QE to keep it dust-free when not in use.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 2"
Length 3.75"
Number of optical elements 5
Power 1.6x
Weight 12 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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