2.50 Diopter Dioptrx astigmatism-correcting lens


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This accessory lens corrects for 2.50 diopters of astigmatism when used with the appropriate TeleVue eyepiece . . .
Our Product #: DRX0250
TeleVue Product #: DRX-0250

Product Description

This Dioptrx accessory lens corrects for an astigmatism of 2.5 diopters. (This would be a"CYL" value of 2.50 in your eyeglass prescription.)  The lens rotates to match the orientation of your astigmatism, whether it is orthogonal (up and down) or oblique (at any angle intermediate between vertical and horizontal).

The lens replaces the rubber eyeguard at the top of any of the following long eye relief TeleVue eyepieces only: 26mm and 31mm Nagler type 5; 22mm, 27mm, 35mm, and 41mm Panoptic; 22mm, 40mm, and 55mm Plössl; all Radians (18mm thru 3mm); and all Nagler type 4 (22mm, 17mm, and 12mm). An adapter (DEA0001) is available to allow its use in 19mm and 24mm Panoptic eyepieces or the 20mm Type 5 Nagler. A separate adapter (DNA6000) is available to allow its use in all Type 6 Naglers.

The lens is precision-ground from optical glass, multicoated, and mounted in an anodized aluminum housing that locks into place on your eyepiece. A rubber eyeguard tops the Dioptrx lens.

Tech Details

Weight 3 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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For someone with a strong astigmatism this addition to any TeleVue eyepiece brings the observing experience to a whole new level! The experience of pinpoint stars without glasses is out of this world! (Posted on 10/17/2019)
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