Tele Vue 22mm 2" Nagler Type 4


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The TeleVue 2" 22mm Nagler Type 4 replaces the 20mm Nagler Type 2, considered by many to be the finest eyepiece ever made . . .
Our Product #: TN22
TeleVue Product #: EN4-22.0
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Product Description

The TeleVue 2" 22mm Nagler Type 4 replaces the 20mm Nagler Type 2, considered by many to be the finest eyepiece ever made. How do you improve on a legend? The 22mm does it by cutting the weight of the 20mm Nagler in half, doubling the eye relief, and increasing the contrast, while otherwise maintaining the superb observing experience that makes the 20mm Nagler such an observing gem.

The 22mm has TeleVue's unique "Instadjust" click-stop adjustable-height eyeguard, with a soft fold-down rubber eyecup. With the eyeguard retracted all the way, all of its very long 19mm eye relief is available for eyeglass use. The eyeguard can be raised in small and repeatable increments to position the eye of the non-eyeglass wearer the precise distance from the eyepiece to see the full field of view with maximum suppression of ambient stray light. A special doughnut-shaped removable plastic insert fits into the eyeguard to center the eye for those who have trouble positioning their eye precisely on a small exit pupil.

This eyepiece is primarily designed for no-holds-barred medium power deep space use with scopes having focal ratios down to f/4. It is marvelous for open clusters, nebulas, and globular clusters with any scope, but is particularly effective with fast f/ratio reflectors. That being said, it must also be noted that its very wide field also makes it convenient for moderate power lunar and planetary observing with Dobsonians, as you have much longer to observe before the planet drifts out of the field and the scope has to be repositioned.

Please note the weight of this eyepiece if you have a Dobsonian telescope. Its use may require some temporary rebalancing of your scope, or the use of a TeleVue #TVEQC equalizing adapter with 1.25" eyepieces to avoid balance problems.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 2"
Eye Relief 19mm
Field of view 82
Focal Length 22mm
Number of optical elements 6
Weight 24 oz
Warranty Limited Lifetime


Review by:
The 22 Nagler may never leave my collection. It’s definitely not the most elite performer optically (still really good) but the paracorr ii seems to help it a lot. Not the sharpest, not the flattest but its just a joy to have. It’s lightweight, small and has the click up guard which is unbelievably immersive and convenient. (Posted on 8/30/2022)
Review by:
This is a beautiful eyepiece. The sharpness from edge to edge is great. I use this and a 35mm Panoptic mostly and they are the standards by which I compare all other EPs to. (Posted on 10/31/2019)
Review by:
Along with its shorter focal length sibling (TV 17mm T4), this is one of my most highly used eyepieces. Provides bright, sharp deep sky views with outstanding correction over the entire FOV. Comfortable to use with excellent eye relief. You definitely pay a premium for TV products, but in my experience the sticker shock effect wears off over time while the enjoyment of using such high quality products persists indefinitely. (Posted on 10/28/2019)
Review by:
The 22T4 Nagler is my favorite of all the eyepieces I own. It's my designated finder eyepiece but spends a lot more time viewing than it does finding. It's very comfortable to use, and it gives the "floating" effect where the eyepiece tends to disappear and makes you feel as though you are floating among the stars. TeleVue calls it the "Spacewalk" experience, and it definitely lives up to its name! (Posted on 9/27/2019)
Review by:
This one along with my 17 mm TV Nagler Type 4 are my most used 2 inch format eyepieces. The competition includes my 31 and 26 Naglers, plus a 41 mm Panoptic. Eye relief is great for me without glasses . Very immersive field with this one and I can more easily see the entire field right up to a sharp field stop. Great magnification compliment to the 31 Nagler. (Posted on 1/13/2019)
Review by:
This and a Delos 10 are the two I carry outside for short sessions... great views, excellent sharpness (but given comments above will study edge of field next time out). (Posted on 12/26/2018)
Review by:
This one is tied with 13mm Nagler Type 6 as my two favorite Nagler eyepieces though the two are very different. Fairly compact for 2" widefield, but hefty, like previously mentioned. As a medium -low power eyepiece the slight drop in sharpness at the very edge of field is not noticeable unless you really try looking for it, since it is used to take in the entire field rather than peering around the edges. The space walk effect is perhaps the most pronounced with the Type 4 eyepieces, thanks to the huge eye lens that really lets you take the entire field in effortlessly while maintaining very generous eye relief. (Posted on 10/17/2018)
Review by:
Other TV eyepieces I own (2 DeLite, 1 T6, 1 Panoptic) are all perfectly sharp to the edge of the field, but this EP is not. In sharpness I think the 20mm and 24mm Meade UWA compare quite favorably. In comfort, however, there is no comparison. This EP is as comfortable as any I have every used, with adequate eye relief for use with glasses. It is also relatively compact, though heavy for its size. I may have hoped for edge perfection at this price point, still I'm glad to own it. I consider it an extension of the Baader Morpheus line. (Posted on 10/10/2018)
Review by:
I really like this eyepiece's performance in all of my scopes, particularly in my 10" f/4.9 Newt. The exit pupil is a bit smaller than the 27mm Panoptic, yielding a darker sky background. Nice pinpoint stars over most of the field of view. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
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