Tele Vue 24mm Panoptic


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One of the most popular premium-quality low to medium power wide field eyepieces available. Super for wide field viewing with fast focal ratio refractors and Dobsonians . . .
Our Product #: PAN24
TeleVue Product #: EPO-24.0
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Product Description

This is one of the most popular premium-quality 1.25" low to medium power wide field eyepieces. An ED glass element provides high contrast for observing very subtle low surface brightness features in extended nebulas. While it is particularly well-suited to observing with Dobsonian reflectors and fast focal ratio refractors (it provides a big 5.3mm exit pupil for rich field observing on an f/4.5 Dobsonian), it provides "picture window onto space" images with any telescope type.

This Panoptic, for example, will give you a 1.43 degree field at 48x with a 10" f/4.5 Dobsonian. This gives you over five and a half minutes of uninterrupted observing with such a scope while an object drifts from one side of the eyepiece's flat field to the other. That's plenty of time for multiple observers to look at the same object, or for you to absorb as much detail as possible, before having to reposition the scope.

An excellent eyepiece for observing galaxy clusters, framing emission nebulas with the black of space, observing the nebulosity around the Pleiades, etc. The 24mm Panoptic would be a welcome addition to any serious deep space observer's eyepiece collection.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 11mm
Field of view 68
Focal Length 24mm
Number of optical elements 6
Weight 8.2 oz.
Warranty Limited Lifetime


Review by:
I should have known the 24 would be a winner. I already had the 27 Panoptic as well as the 19 and they are both crystal clear and comfortable to view. The 24 is all of this and maybe a whisker better. This is going to be my go to eyepiece for nights when I just want to cruise the Milky Way with my NP101. (Posted on 10/4/2019)
Review by:
This was my first "upgrade" from a normal plossl and I couldn't be happier. The image is way more clear and the field of view of this eyepiece is a major difference than a normal 50 degree and gives my eyes tremendous relief. Going back to the sharpness, it goes from the middle all the way out to the edges in which I like most about this eyepiece. This is also parfocal so you don't have to do major adjustments to the focus when putting this in. (Posted on 1/12/2019)
Review by:
Just ordered a few days ago , not received yet but I know what to expect. Tele Vue is the only brand of eyepiece that I own. As best I can remember this will be my first Panoptic and am looking forward to adding it to my collection. The name speaks for itself. (Posted on 12/26/2018)
Review by:
These are my favorite eyepieces for binoviewing and for my 100mm ED Apo binoculars. Crisp widefield views across the FOV and not too bulky and cumberson. Highly recommend. (Posted on 11/26/2018)
Review by:
If you’re looking for the widest filed possible in a 1.25” EP this is it. Add to that it is also arguably the best EP made at that FOV and FL and you can’t miss. First TV I bought & now I have 5 more .... (Posted on 10/27/2018)
Review by:
Without question a great eyepiece all the way around. Wide very well corrected field in a lightweight package. Hard to see a real difference between this and the ES24, but these are available. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Review by:
One of the standards for largest field of view in the 1.25" format and one of my most heavily used focal lengths. This is a fantasticly sharp and contrasty eyepiece; the 68 degree apparent field of view is very comfortable. I'm a devotee of relatively light, small eyepieces like this one (compared to some of the chunkier ones on the market). I also enjoy the simple design and quality construction of the Televue eyepieces. This is one that I highly recommend. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
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